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The Meaning Of The United Washitaw De Dugdahmoundyah National Flag?



         Honorable Marcus Aurelius "Moses (Mosiah)" Garvey (1887-1940) was founder of the (UNIA) United Negro Improvement Association and the Black Star Line - Back To AF-RA-KA movement. He brought the colors of the flag Black, Red and Green back to Atlan-Amexem (Ameri-kas), which later became known as, the Pan-AF-RA-KAM or Black Nationalist flag. Honorable Marcus Garvey was introduced to the colors Red, Black and Green by a Sudanese-KaMA'atu (Egyptian) named Honorable Duse Ali Muhammad (1866 - 1945), the publisher of the "AFRICAN TIMES & ORIENT REVIEW," who was of the lineage of the Sudanese Al Mahdi Muhammad Ahmad Ibn Abdullah. Honorable Marcus Garvey asked that he be buried and wrapped up in these esteemed flag colors.


"When I AM dead wrap the mantle of the Red, Black, and Green around me, for in the new life, I shall rise with God's grace blessing to lead the millions up the heights of triumph with the colors that you well know!"


BLACK - symbolizes Supreme Balancement, which is the profound knowledge of the internal (esoteric) and external (exoteric) Melanin. The colors Red and Green combine make Black. Therefore, all primary and secondary colors mixed together makes Black. Melanin is the Chemical Key (Ankh, Aku-Ba, Black Protons, Dark Matter) to Life itself! It is a Carbon (‘Car' is derived from the ancient KaMA'at [Egypt] word ‘Kar,' which means "Heart' or ‘Essence;' in English ‘Care' and ‘Core' and ‘Bon' also a derivative of the ancient words ‘Ba' meaning ‘Soul' and ‘On' meaning ‘Sun' or ‘Heaven.' Therefore, ‘Carbon' means "Heart and Soul of Heaven,"  "Soul Essence of the Sun" or "Black Matter") derivative and all life in the Universe is based upon the (6th) sixth element on the periodical chart, 6 EL-ectrons, 6 Neutrons and 6 Protons or 666 the number of a man, often called the "Mark of the Beast" or Bes/Baset (Soul of Set or "Black Soul"), meaning, the reproduction capability of Hu(e)man body on the Physical/Material Plane. This is the lowest plane of existence. The ancient Gnosis Essenes teaches that the Hu(e)man body is a prison for the Soul or in other words, the Soul (God) is entrapped, incarnated or imprisoned in the Physical body, however, only temporarily. The Sun's ‘Light' and the Seven Earth atmospheres

1.     Lithosphere [outer solid Earth];

2.     Troposphere [lowest region];

3.     Stratosphere [above Earth];

4.     Mesosphere;

5.     Magnetosphere [500 to several thousand km above the Earth];

6.     Ionosphere [extends 30 to 250 miles or 50 to 400 km], and

7.     Biosphere


Layers acts as a prism (prison), which Melanin acts as black holes absorbing, conducting, transforming ALL sounds, electrical, magnetic, light, heat, radiation, waves, and frequencies. Carbon atoms link to form Melanin. The ancient KaMA'atu (Egyptian) word for Melanin is "Kam Wer." The ancient KaMA'atu dialect evolved from the dialect of the Atlan-tis colony of El Mu'uria (Mu) language. The word ‘Mel-Anin' is Greek and the Greek dialect evolved from the KaMA'atu-Phoenician-Hebrew tongue, which means, "Hidden Black Substance." Internal Melanin is excreted from the Pineal Gland in two forms Melatonin (Night-Shadow; 11 pm to 7 am.) and Ser-ATON-in (Day-Light; 7am. To 11pm.). The Greek word ‘Mel-ATON-in' means "Black Sun Tone." ‘Melg' means, ‘Milk' and also ‘Galaxy.' External Melanin is Black Matter in the Milky Way Galaxy? The ancient masters spend (40) forty years, disciplining themselves in the Ancient Order Of Mind Builders, learning to raise the Kundalini properly, to the Pituitary Gland, which secretes a milky white fluid (H.G.H. or Hu[e]man Growth Hormone) and to the Pineal Gland which, secretes a golden yellowish fluid (Mel-ATON-in), in our brains. It is described in the Holy Bible as the "land flowing with milk and honey." Black Matter (misnomer Dark Matter, called Outer DNA) is found Universally, especially, in the amorphous state. All the Black Matter known to date, from the "Litho-Sphere" and "Bio-Sphere" to the cosmos, generally, has the same chem-ical and physical properties; this includes Melanin (Inner DNA). In March of 2000, Scientist found Black Matter in the Milky Way Galaxy, which was considered an Alien Life-Force or Extra-Terra-Astral (Extraterrestrial), in the Sub-Atomic Realm. They have observed that Black Matter makes up 90% of the Universe in the Earth's wind and it is called Quint-Essence (Akasha-Ether). According to the "HOLY BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT Hebrews 7:1-2," states "For this Mel-chis'e-dec, king of Salem, priest of the most high God, who met Abraham returning from the slaughter of the kings, and blessed him; 2. To whom also Abraham gave a tenth part of all; first being by interpretation King of righteousness, and after that also King of Salem, which is, King of peace." Al-chemically, AB-RA-HAM means in the ancient KaMA'atu (Egyptian) Medu Neter "Heart (Essence) of the Black Sun." "AB-RA-HAM's "tenth part of all," symbolizes the linear 10% left hemisphere brain usage. Scientist claims a Hu(e)man BEing only uses 10% of the brain.  Therefore, AB-RA-HAM's alter ego is MEL-CHI-SEDEK (MEL-CHI is ASARU and SEDEK is SUT TEKH, thus ASARU-SUT TEKH), which means "Black Energy of Righteousness (Justice or Truth)." MEL-CHI-SEDEK "blessed him," which, symbolizes the 90% of the brain that Hu[e]mans do NOT use, which, is the creative right hemisphere. Thus, together is 100% brain usage or the gift of Infinite Consciousness. A mental slave uses less than 10% of his/her entire brain. The other 90% remains undeveloped and unconscious. A Master uses the undeveloped sense receptors and brain cells. Now, there is an accumulating mass of documented evidence to the fact that there is so-called "Life After Death" The subconscious mind functions and operates on the Astral Plane of existence. Since the conscious (voluntary) mind is considered to express only one-tenth of total mind power then the sub-conscious (involuntary) mind must represent the other nine-tenths. Therefore, other nine-tenth can surely account for the minds vast ability to reach far beyond the Physical Plane of existence, which operates partially, under the control of the conscious mind. For the Astral Plane is composed of what we know as ‘Thought.' Thus, to disregard or to ignore the effect of Astrological (study of the Stars) energies on the Astral (Star) Body (the Higher Astral Body [Spiritual Body] is eternal: its life span is about 10e22 years, which is the equivalent to the lifetime of the Universe. It contains the electronic mass of 4e21 (4,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 electrons) would be to ignore the nine-tenth of your existence. In comparison, a normal ELectric Light bulb gives off only 10% of its energy as Light, while 90% of its energy is wasted as heat. 90% of the heat from the Hu(e)man body escapes at the top of the head (the brain consist of 90% of water) and in the same manner only 10% of the body's energy is stored (unlike the "Fire Fly" or "Lightening Bug" which, stores 90% of heat, transferring the heat into Light and only wastes 10% of its heat. The Pineal Gland reduces the production of the Light sensitive hormone Mel-ATON-in from 90% active at night to 10% inactive during the day, and Ser-ATON-in from 10% inactive at night and 90% active during the day. The Uni-Verse, itself is 10% Visible Light Spectrum (the Stars, Planets, Comets, Asteroids, Dusts and Gases, etc...) and 90% is Invisible Dark MAtter, the glue that holds the Universe's contents together. According to the "NEW YORK TIMES" article titled "A FLOAT IN A COSMIC HALL OF MIRRORS" reveals that scientists have found alien matter in "Dark MAtter" or other worldly "Dark MAtter." "Some scientists speculate the mirror matter is trapped in another dimension...stuck inside what amounts to a parallel Uni-Verse." In the "HOLY BIBLE OLD TESTAMENT" Isaiah 45:3 states, "I will give thee the treasures of darkness." "HOLY BIBLE OLD TESTAMENT" Psalms 18:11 states "He (God) made darkness his secret place." "HOLY BIBLE OLD TESTAMENT" Amos 5:18-20  states, "The day of the Lord (Adon-ai, Adon-is, Aton, the Higher Self) is darkness not light, even very dark and no brightness in it." Therefore "Cosmologists have concluded that the Uni-Verse probably, couldn't have evolved the way it has unless most of the Dark MAtter is NOT just dark, but invisible, made from exotic stuff that neither emits nor reflects light."

         Nobel Prize winner, physicist Richard Feynman, states, that the electron is responsible for all "Chem-ical" changes in matter. Matter (Mother) is concentrated energy in a state of motion. AF-RA-KAM [AF = body; AuFi, in A-RAbic means "Inner Light"; RA = Sun-God, the Light-Source or Life-Force, it gives us SpirituAL stREngth; it is the RAys of Light from the Sun and stARs, the living force that dwELls around ALL things and lives within ALL BEings, in degREes, the RA in auRA, RA-diation and RA-diance it is RAw Sol-AR Energy, pRAna and chakRAs in the B-RAman Vedic cultuRE, Chi (is KA = Spirit) in China, Ki (is KA = Spirit) or REi-Ki in Japan, KA-Huna in Hawaii, Manna (Manas = Mind) f-ALlen from heaven in the HOLY BIBLE; Kam [Chem-istry, AL-Chem-y] = MEL-Anin, thus, we translate AF-KA-KAM  as,  "The Black Body is the SupREme Source of the Inner and Outer Light Force of God.") Khem or Kam is the name, which the ancient KaMA'atu (Egyptians) called themselves. From this word we get "AL-Chem-y and Chem-istry," the study of the building blocks of Life. Melanin is essentially, linked to the DNA of the genes! A Melanin sheath covers both the sperm and the egg, it is in the Hu(e)man embryo, the melanocytes (skin pigment cells), the brain and the nerve cells all originate from the same place; "the Neural Crest," it is the Black Dot (Central Point), the hidden doorway of life (Bab-ylon, means Doorway to God in Heaven) to the collective un-consciousness-darkness, the shadow, primeval ocean, chaos or the Black Seed (Atomic Egg) of all hu(e)manity, the womb, and the Soul, from which, the Spirit, Mind and Body evolved ("AFRICAN ORIGIN OF BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY" by Richard King, M.D.).

         Jesus came in the likeness of Jonah, and Jesus, a Fish[er]-Man, who walked on water and Jonah is often called the Whale-Man, physically, this is the Sun (Son), called the Sperm[s], which looks like "tad Pole[s]" that travels in Cerebral Fluid (River Jordan), Spinal Fluid (Nile River) and Prostate Fluid (Sea of Galilee) or astrologically, this is the Sun (Son) in the Zodiac Constellations CETUS, the Whale; for CETUS is directly behind PISCES, the Fish and directly in front of PISCES is AQUARIUS, the Man, thus, the actual origin of  Jonah and Jesus. The Greek word for Fish, Ichthys, is the letters of the Greek of the phrase. "JeSus Christ, Son of God, Savior." In the "HOLY BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT John 21:13," Jesus, the MESsiah is called the Dag "The Fish". Dag-ON = Dag+ON (Dag = Fish, On = Sun). In "HOLY BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT John 21:15," "Simon (Semen) Peter (Penis), Simon, Son (Sun) of Jonas (Sperm)." In the "HOLY BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT Luke 11:30," " states, "For as Jonas was a sign unto the Ninevites, so shall also the Son of man be to this generation." ("HOLY BIBLE OLD TESTAMENT Jonah 1:17," states... "a great fish to swallow up Jonah...Jonah was in the belly of the  fish." "HOLY BIBLE OLD TESTAMENT Exodus 33:11" states... "Jo-Shua (bREath), the Son (Sun) of Nun (PrimevAL Waters/Unformed MAtter)..." Nun, the father of Joshua (Hosea, meaning ‘Dove,' as in the Dove that came over Jesus head due the Baptism at the River Jordan; it is another form of the name Joshua) in Hebrew means ‘Fish' (this is a rendition from an earlier esoteric story from out of Kama'at [Egypt]... for Nun is the Father of Shu, which is another form of YaHuShuWaH - Jesus: Nun-is pronounced and phonetically sounds like the word ‘None' in English, which symbolizes the state of NO-Thing or the Blackness, as a MAtter of fact, the word ‘Nun' is spelt exactly like  ‘Nun' as in a Womb-Man member of a religious order, like in the Catholic Church, who are celibate and wears black robes daily. The color black symbolizes the "Power of GOD!" ("FROM THE BROWDER FILE" by Anthony T. Browder). The "HOLY BIBLE OLD TESTAMENT Exodus 33:11" say Joshua was Son of Nun. Now this becomes very interesting as you look at a  "SMITH'S BIBLE DICTIONARY." The "SMITH'S BIBLE DICTIONARY" will simply say, "Nothing is known of Nun other then the fact that he was the father of Joshua." Now, if the Man refrain from ejaculating and injectulates or simply, raise the Kundalini during orgasm, by drawing up his anal muscles, perineum (scrotum) muscles and controls his breath, the Semen (Semen is activated by a subtle energy called ‘Ojas," meaning ‘Strength' or ‘Power.' Oja is nearly phonetically, the same as the Yoruba's [Voudon's] Oya, the Goddess of Thunder [Orgasm]) the will become transmuted and will ascend (travels up) the Spinal Column (Note: The Spinal Column is called the SuSHUm[a]na, in the Vedic texts. The SuSHUm[a]na is the hollow area that houses 31 nerves [2 nerves {Ida and Pingala} on the outside of the Spinal Column], therefore, 31 + 2 =33) The mind (based on one's consciousness) via, the  nerves acts as a conduit of the raising ELectro-MAgnetic/Psycho-Spiritual energy (Kundalini), to the "Sphere of Daath" (Darth Vader, Duat [Twat], [Brain] Pineal Gland-Black Dot) linked to the Sun behind the Sun [Kether, the Eye of Heru or the galaxy-like cloud that hovers directly above the Pineal Gland; sideways, it looks like a UFO, the Mother Ship/Plane] behind. If the energy is released from the auric field, then it is draining, however, if the energy is recirculated either within the individual's aura, or within the shared field created by you and your partner (Spiritual synergy), then it can be energizing (based on the sexual position, the specific glands and organs) rather than draining. A person(s) can also utilize this same energy for healing for self, immediately or store (conserve) later for your partner or healing others (touching or at distance). Hence, the Biblical saying, "Whenever two or more are gathered in my name, there shall I also be"(HOLY BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT Matthew 18:20). According to Tao Sexology and Tantra Kriya Yoga on the art of Sexual Magic practices, states that when partners are conscious to direct the flow of energy, it can be used to manipulate this illusionary (Maya) world transforming it into the wished reality. However, if the energy is released from unconscious partners, then  "Negative Thought Form" or "Free-Floating Forms," called incubus (male) and succubus (female), (Incubus means in "WEBSTER DICTIONARY" an evil spirit supposed to lie upon persons in their sleep and esp. to have sexual intercourse with women by night - compare succubus) may be produced, which can affect others. Therefore, it is extremely important to remain conscious and focus on the whole being of your partner and vice-versa of what "Thought Forms" or "E-motions" that we hold in mind at the time of raising the Kundalini (sex or meditation), because that is what will manifest. Moreover, when the Sperm (Physical Thought-Forms) begin it's ascend, it will comes in contact with the Heart center, the Medulla Oblongata (which conducts impulses between the brain and Spinal Column) to the Occult Nerve. From there the Sperm will proceed to the Third Ventricle, a fluid filled chamber, to be baptized in the River Jordan by John, the Baptist (the Pineal Gland, overlooks the Third Ventricle). It is here that the Sperm is charged with The Light (AL Nuwr) from the SOURCE (God).


"The Sperm is literally, bRAin fluid!" The Sperm Cells then travel back down to the Testes, into the Epididymus, into the Seminal Vesicle, into the Ejaculatory Duct, to the Prostate Gland and into the Penis (lower Peni-LE Gland, the Head of the Penis is triangular or mushroom [hence, the mushroom connection to awakening higher states of consciousness] shaped like the upper Pine-AL Gland, "Pine of God" or "Tree of God;" this is the fruit of the Tree of Life) from which, the Semen (called Chrism) gushes forth into the Womb-Man ("HOLY QUR'AN SURAH [Chapter] 86:6-7 Iyat [Verse]" states, "He is created of water pouring forth, 7. Coming from between the back and the ribs." The word Christ comes from the word Christa, which, in turn, comes from the word Ker-sheta. Ker-sheta is one of the highest titles of the priests of the Neteru (Gods) Ptah, Amon, and Atum. The title Ker-sheta is literally translated as "guardian of the mysteries". It has been used to designate the Neter (God) of the Dead, (Wsr) Asaru, in combination with Un Nefer Ker Sheta and is translated as "the merciful guardian of mysteries"(Master Naba)! Another from of the KaMA'atu (Egyptian) word Ker-sheta is Karast and Karast (Christ) symbol was the body of Asaru (Osiris) wrapped up in white linen like a mummy (thus, the origin of Jesus being wrapped in swaddling clothes (Luke 2:7, 12)... "she (Black MAtter) wrapped him up with cloth bands (flesh) and laid him in a manger (Pineal Gland)" and (Mark 15:46)... "And he (Light) bought fine linen (MAtter), and took him down (descend into flesh), and wrapped him in the linen, and laid him in a sepulcher (Pineal Gland)." Thus, the Sperm [YOU] becomes the Christ, Jesus, the Light of the World...This is your natural birthright...if you accept it?


         The "Triple Stage Darkness" or "Triple State of Blackness" symbolizes the three trimester period (the [1st] first [3] three months, the [2nd] second [3] three months and the [3rd] third [3] three months; totaling [9] nine months) of Womb-Man's average nine-month birth cycle.


           (0) ZERO DIMENSION is the POINT, the infinitely small placeholder. It symbolizes Triple Stage Darkness or Triple State of Blackness - In Hebrew they are...

    000 = Ain Sop Aur - "Absolute Wisdom of Light," it is called the "Void of All Voids," without possibility of Being.

       00 = Ayin Sop - "Absolute Wisdom," it is called the Double Void.

       0 = Ayin - "AB-SOL-ute," it is called Void, the Unmanifest, Infinite Nothing, called in KaMA'at (Egypt) Neter Nun (None), the Goddess, the Great Mother, the Original Mind.

         The Pineal Gland in the Brain excretes Melanin throughout the entire Hu(e)man Body. The Pineal Gland is symbolized by the mystical Uraeus (Caduceus), which is a cobra on the forehead of KaMA'atu (Egyptian) Royalty- Crowns. The Pineal (Father God-Asaru/Sut-Tekh which means "The Imperial Ruler Of The Perfect BLACK," King Mel-Chi-Zedek- Arch AngEL Michael-Ancient of Days, The Lamb-Jesus (Hero) Christ (YaHuShuWaH Mashiyah or the Black Dot; Primordial Messiah), the Eye of Iu-Su [Shu]- (Heru) Karast, Jazeus (Hare) Krishna, E-Shu ELegba, Buddha, Quetzalcoatl (Plumed or Feathered Serpent), Kukulcan (Beautiful Bird Serpent), Saoshyant (Divider), the Zoro-ASTERian Savior, the HOLY QUR'AN's Isa, the Vedic culture Issa (Isis), the Greco-Roman Je-Sus (‘Ju', short for Ju-Piter and ‘Sus', is short for ‘Zeus') in the esoteric traditions is called the Single Eye, First Eye, and the Seat of the Soul. According to the "HOLY BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT Matthew 6:22," "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." In the "ISIS PAPERS," by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing writes, that "Melanin gives us the ability to use our bodies as direct connections with the God Force, the Source of all Energy." "BLACKNESS" is a divine, cosmic principle of the Universe. The "Black Body" is known to be a perfect absorber, transformer, conductor and radiator of all forms of light and energy (EL-ectrical RAys, Micro-Wave RAys, Infra-Red RAys, Visible RAys [Sunlight], Ultra-Violet RAys, X-RAys, Gamma RAys). Depending on the particular color visualized properly, a Healing can be invoked. The reason is because Light itself is an Illusion that gives rise to the (7) Seven (Primary and Secondary) spectral color and geo-metrically shape (HologRAms). Most of the ELectronic appliances operate at 60 Hz (Hertz). Overstand, that a heALthy cellular structure begins at 70 Hz-100Hz (He-ALthy), 62 Hz-68 Hz (Dis-Eased) and Below - 25 Hz (Death). Dr. Popp demonstrated the importance of Light inside each CELL (KA EL, the "Spirit of GOD") and speaks of Light as the 'Language of the Cells.' His research reveals that the cells of the body communicate with each other, and they do so via 'particles' of LIGHT called Photons (KaMA'at name is Ptah-On) and also through microwaves. Other research conducted in Nowosibirsk, Russia, at the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, scientists have proven that meridians can channel light by infusing one point on a meridian with light, and measuring the emission of the light from a different point further up the same Meridian (‘Meridian' refers to the Chinese system of energy pathways in the body).


         Peter Mandel, German naturopath and he-ALth practitioner, has researched the impact of color on the mind and body for 40 years. He has found and verified that colored light can be used directly on the body's heALth and immune strength, affecting the body and the E-Motions. It does not alter the MAteri-AL make up of the body, but rather the vibRAtionAL aspect, similar to homeopathy. "The initial spark came," Mandel says, " when I looked at a Kirlian photogRAph and suddenly suspected that the light RAys shooting forth from the skin of the fingers may have something to do with the acupuncture meridians. (Kirlian PhotogRAphy is a widely recognized technology developed in the early 1900's, that creates a reproducible of the energy RAys surrounding the body [Au-RA]). In the early 1980's, (18) eighteen Scientists demonstrated that the cELls of the Living Being emit Photons (Lights in an ELectro-MAgnetic field) at a normal rate of 100Hz per square centimeter per surface area.


         The Pesdjet (Ennead) represents the group of (9) nine NeteRU (Gods) who produced the ingredients of cREation.


                 RE-Atum-Ptah     Tefnut           Shu           Nut             Geb       Neb Het           Set     Aset (Heru)   Asaru  


The Ennead was often regarded as a single divine entity. The (9) Nine Neteru (Gods) are ALL aspects of RE (RA), the PrimevAL Cosmic C-REative Force.



 Egyptian God

 Spiritual Purpose



 Illuminates the soul



Breathes life into the body



 Holds the magic moment "now"



 Aligns the body with the soul and the cosmos



 Awakens consciousness


Neb Het 

 Creates the home shaped by the soul's love



 Finds the nature of the divine identity



 Bonds and binds the soul to the body



 Leads from the divine substance of the soul



These terms are shown by scientists to actually, refer to light or curREnt in DNA and the 8 cELls of division in mitosis called the "Blastula Pores, Leyden cELls or Kunda (Kanda) Egg (that which gives birth to the Divine Self, Seat of Light or Kundalini), located in the Sacral area, tail bone-coccyx of the HU(e)Man body. ALL of which, if a person would simply, look on the descriptive lab-EL of each ELectricAL Appliance, one would find the RAte of fREquency at 60Hz. These low emissions from these ELectronic appliances, causes cancer, leukemia, birth defects, miscarriages, heARt problems, chronic fatigue, cataracts, migraines, headaches, nausea and a host of other heALth problems. Thus, one must strive to maintain a heALthy cELlular structure. In door fluorescent full spectrum bulbs or color corrected incandescent lamps can be used. The practices of Chi-Gung-Tai Chi, P-RAnic Healing, Rei-KI HeALing, Kundalini Yoga and Tantric Kriya Yoga (P-RAnayama-the control of the vit-AL energies) become imperative. Therefore, the cELlular RAte of fREquency must oscillate between 70Hz to 100Hz. Consequently, if the cELlular structure falls below 68Hz to 62Hz the HU(e)Man body will become dis-eased. At 25Hz and below, a person approaches mortAL death (Transformation). Unless, the person truly, knows how Light[s], Colors and Sounds affect the HU(e)Man body. For the word HU(e), itself means, according to "WEBSTER DICTIONARY," "The characteristic of ‘Color'  that allows it to be categorized on a scale running from Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo to Violet."  

         The Pine-AL Gland is strongly related to ‘Light' in that the body's built-in ‘Light' meter responds to ‘Light' levels by producing MEL-ATON-in, which determines circadian or metabolic rhythm, known as the First [Third] Eye and linked next to the Crown ChakRA (SahasRA-RA), on the top of the head. The Pine-AL Gland is a doorway to Mystic Collective UnConsciousness (INFINITE-CONSCIOUSNESS), the point of entry for the Life-Giving, Light Energy emanating from the Uni-VerSOUL. Light is a combination of the colors of the RAinbow. We are RE-ALly Light-Starved due to working and living indoor under unheALthy artificial Light and (EMF) ELectro-MAgnetic Fields, for example, such as,


1       Power Line[s],

2.       Home Wiring[s],

3.     Transformer[s],

4.     Radio[s],

5.     Television[s],

6.     Mobile/Cordless C-EL-l Phone[s],

7.     Pager[s]/Beeper[s],

8.     Micro-Wave[s],

9.     Computer[s],

10.Other EL-ectric-AL Appliances


 Light Starved Symptoms


1.  Vitamin D (thus, Calcium Deficiency)

2.     Season-AL Affected Dis-Order (S.A.D.) 

3.  Neuro-HormonAL Transmitter Disruption

4.  Depression

5.  Fatigue Irritability

6.  Lowered Immune Functioning

7.  Suicide






2. MICRO-WAVE RAYS; {Micro-Wave Ovens}

3. INFRARED RAYS; {HU[e]Man body RAdiation; in the Green House effect Infrared RAys becomes trapped in the atmosphere, thus, increasing}

4.VISIBLE SPECTRUM RAYS; it is the 3rd Dimension and is the part that our Eyes see [Optics]. {This includes the colors:

a.     RED; it is the slowest and lowest RAte of vibRAtion of the Visible Spectrum. Man evolves from the low gross color of red though the entire color spectrum to the highest of colors, Violet. Red projected on the body: Stimulates and builds the Live[r]. It stimulates the Automatic Nervous and Circulatory Systems. A red auRA indicates a strong Sexual Force. It awakens our Physical Life-Force. It strengthens the overALL energy level. It attracts, MAgnetizes, stimulates and energizes.

b.    ORANGE; it gives life and promotes he-ALing conditions of the Stomach, Intestines, Pancreas, Spleen, Adrenal Glands, Thyroid Glands and Muscular System. Orange stimulates the Lungs (Respiratory System) by increasing its oxygen flow. It stimulates the production of milk in the Mammary Glands. It decrease menstrual cramps. It depresses the Para-Thyroid Gland. It balances the E-Motions.

c.      YELLOW (Its' higher form is GOLD); it stimulates the entire Eliminative System, Digestive System, Lymphatic Glands, Live[r], Gall Bladder, Bladder and the Nerves. It builds the Left Hemisphere of the bRAin, eyes, ears and bones. The gold shade of yellow is an excellent overALL healing color.   

d.    GREEN; it is the MASter color. It is a vibRAnt color of Life and Growth - the most predominating color in the Life-Force of Planet Earth. It balances our Energies. It heals ALL Heart ailments and increase the Circulatory System. It stimulates the Pituitary Gland. It raises the vibRAtions of the Physical Body above the vibRAtions of Dis-Ease - a form of immunity from ALL Dis-Eases. Thus, also activating the Thymus Gland and Lymphatic Glands. It destroys rotting, heals ALL infections and builds cells and tissues. It heals cuts, sores, bruises, burns and damaged flesh. Green is the color of healing, teaching and growth. A green auric field means that they are willing to work, in order to gain wealth in terms of educational, cultural or physical attainments.

e.      BLUE; it is a vitality builder and a creative force. It heals ailments of the Respiratory System, throat, nose, ears and eyes. It acts as an antibiotic. It relieves ALL itching, irritations, fevers and burns. Blue is very effective in easing ALL childhood dis-eases. It strengthens communication within relationships. It is used for Astral Projection and induces Prophetic dreams.

f.      INDIGO; it heals any hormonal imbalances that occur in the Endocrine System and balances the two hemispheres of the bRAin. It acts as an antibiotic. It is an excellent blood purifier. It stops hemorrhages [internal bleeding into the tissues and organs] and nosebleeds. It is an astringent - tightening, firming, and toning the flesh, skin and nerves. It depresses the Heart; shrinks an enlarged Heart. It can awaken the gift of intuition.

g.     VIOLET (PURPLE); it is also acts as an antibiotic. It stimulates the Spleen. It depresses the action of the appetite. It affects the Nerves, Heart, Lymphatic Glands and ALL over-active parts of the body [except the Spleen and the Para-Thyroid Gland]. It is the color of expansion, in ALL forms, Spirituality, love, he-ALth, business and money. The color Violet offers the gifts of Spirit-U-AL protection, he-ALing, wis[z]dom[e], know-ledge of the higher RE-ALms of MAgick, the becoming of your highest potential, and the enhancement of Prophetic Powers.}

5. ULTRA-VIOLET RAYS; the Sun is a source of Ultraviolet RAdiation, "Black Light," Suntan, Germicidal; MEL-Anin becomes a Super-Conductor of ELectro-MAgnetic energy and increases a person's sensitivity to Etheric beings (Spirit-u-AL entities when in contact with UltRA Violet Light.)  

6. X-RAYS; a Doctor uses them to look at bones and a Dentist looks at teeth.  

7. GAMMA RAYS; the Uni-Verse generates the largest amounts of GamMA RAys. It is used in Cancer treatment. 

         All colors, all vibratory energies were but a shade of Black. Moreover, it is through conscious meditation that we receive light particles (Phot-On/Ptah-On) through the Sun as step down transformed Cosmic Energy, via hair, skin Melanin, and the Pineal Gland. Sirius A and Sirius B has the exact same elliptical pattern as our DNA and the Kundalini Shakti energy, spiraling up and down the spine ("JOURNAL Of BIOLOGICAL PHYSICS" Stillwater Oklahoma. U.S.A. 1989). Scientists have found that the streams of energy from stars travel in specific directions, either up or down the galactic arm in which they are embedded. Stars are polarized to other stars, both Negative (MA-gnetic) and Positive (EL-ectric), some receiving Energy, some sending it out, ALL of which travels on the path of the magnetic field lines. Recent findings reveal we are "downstream" from Sirius in the part of the Galactic arm our Solar System resides in. New energies are flowing into Earth at an unprecedented degree. Sirius transmits its Energy (Highly Charged Photonic Light particles) to our entire system via, the MA-gnetic field lines. "We literally, receive energy from Sirius!" In the "HOLY QUR'AN, Chapter 53: AL-NAJM (THE STAR [S])," states "And that He (ALLAH) is the Lord of the Sirius (the Mighty Star)."

 Recent findings reveal we are "downstream" from Sirius in the part of the galactic arm our solar system resides in. Every 49.9 (50 years, as in the Jubilee year of the Bible; "HOLY BIBLE OLD TESTAMENT Levites. 25:8-10," "And thou shalt number seven sabbaths of years unto thee, seven times seven years...unto thee forty and nine years.... And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land ...it shall be a jubilee unto you...) years." Thus, every 50 years Sirius A and B, come as close together as their orbits allow to generate huge magnetic storms and as the stars both begin to spin faster as tidal forces become stronger, finally flip-flopping over, actually trading places with each other. Imagine a gigantic electrical turbine engine twisting and spinning, generating billions and billions of volts of electricity. Even during normal phases of its life, a tremendous amount of electrical energy is created on Sirius, making it the most energized, "positive" point in our galaxy. This energy is eventually released to flow down the magnetic field lines to the Sun, which transmits its energy (highly charged particles) like a lens or magnifying glass, intensifying the rays like a laser to all the Planets (are different dimensions, called "Cosmic Zone") in our Solar system. The Planets absorbs the Sun energy and transmit or reflect only the energy, which, is characteristic of its composition. Therefore, in this manner the Planets determine the energies they radiate, as well as, each individual. The Planetary energies will closely correspond to the energy makeup of the Soul at birth. When any individual is born on this Planet, her or his Earthy form is polarized between matter and spirit --- or let's say crystallized --- at her or his very moment of conception, birth, place and time she or he is born. The Planetary energies traveling through the Earth's Astral atmosphere encounter more resistance at certain angles to the place of birth. Therefore, the time and place of birth in its relation to the field of force (signs) determines which part of the "Astral auditorium" a sign will express. The same holds true for the Planetary energies reaching the Earth (CHURCH OF LIGHT QUARTERLY Fall 1999 Vol. 74, No. 4;  Astrology: Science of Energies" by Ken Stone). This means that we are actually, receiving God's DNA. God's external DNA (Angels/Angles of Light Codes) communicates with our Ancestor's internal DNA and encrypted messages are decoded. External DNA is Light Codes or Vibrational Thought Forms...Non-Physical Energy or Waveforms. DNA is an expression of a non-physical pattern, which reflects itself as a physical expression or internal DNA. It is through the passing on of the genetic lineage in the Physical Body, that thought forms are taken on by that body in its genetic stream, which eventually, manifest themselves as physical things...like genes, DNA and susceptibility to dis-eases. The thought forms and patterns that we have inherited through the body tend to become more dominant relative to our behavior and our perception It is through the various levels of consciousness that when activated or accessed in a person must be used to overcome the inherited thought forms of the physical genetic stream.

         Therefore, Light in the Visible Spectrum (White Light) and Ultra-Violet (Black Light) can be healing agents for a Melanated body, especially, if a person follows the natural live food laws, consisting, of positive thoughts, Buddhist and Taoist bREathing, natural spring water (unless, a person is fasting and detoxifying, drink distill water) and the right combination of non-man made hybrid organic seeded fruits. According to "THE SCIENCE OF BLACKNESS" by Hetepu Iyahmin, states, "Melanin...is black to allow its chemical structure to obtain, retain, store, and generate light and sound energy once it contacts the molecule. This light and sound energy permits the Afrikan to have a higher level of perception and gives him the ability to communicate with the dead, the spiritual world and the outer space/cosmos." The scientist, Jean Charaon proved that the electron has all the properties of the Black Hole (like the one in the Orion Constellation which, is a virtual nursery when it comes to producing stars), plus it exchanges "Black Photons" with other electrons, enabling it to continuously accumulate data. Therefore, we can view the electron as a carrier of memory.  Light waves collapses to the size of a micro-dot or particle. The particle enters via, the Auric field, the Crown ChakRA then by way of the 6th, 7th, 8th, or 9th Ether; straight fur to wavy, curly or spiral hair the life-force can be stored in the head (males), via the Pineal Gland (the Black Dot) of the bRAin or/and sent to the Solar Plexus, then to the Navel ChakRA and stored (females; according to the Taoist-Chi Gung/Tai Chi traditions, the male can also store the Chi, Ki or P-RAna etc. energy here to extend one's life and to improve one's sexual capability). The Power that causes galaxies to spiral, and planets & atoms to spin; that causes the double helix spiral of the DNA molecules -this same spiraling power causes spiraling hair... otherwise known as nappy, kinky, curly, frizzy, wavy, woolly hair! Physicists recognize that the Universe is constructed of energy bundles known as ‘quanta.' We laypersons can think of these in one sense as particles with an electrical charge. Particles can be positive, negative, or neutral. It is symbolic of the spiraling and vibrational nature of all energy beginning with the primal formative process that spawned our galaxy, as seen in the configuration of a spiral nebula. It is also reflected in the formation of seashells and flowers, in the flow of energy in an electrical current and in the human body, as in the double helix of the DNA molecule, the transmitter of genetic information within the nucleus of the living cell. The ancient overstanding of a life-force principle in nature was scientifically validated in 1986 by a Sydney based energy research team. They discovered a low-energy, spiraling electro-magnetic field (Prana-Kundalini Shakti), an expression of one fundamental background field, and found to be the responsible agent for form, growth, development, and behavioral patterns in nature, called Morph-genesis ("A MORPH-GENETIC PROCESS IN LOW ENERGY ELECTRO-MAGNETIC FIELDS" by S.T. and S.P. Barsamian). The Heaven and Earth forces are called Centripetal, which is a force that comes towards the Earth from the Universe and Centrifugal, which is the force that comes from the center of the Earth. Theses force directly affects the construction of the female and the male bodies. According to "BIO-PHOTON THERAPY," Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp rediscovered in the 1930's that normal living cells emit a steady stream of Photons, or Quanta (Golden Ratio-Phi) of light radiation. He proved that living cells pass on biological information through Photons through the language of light. Cells communicate bio-information via, the medium of Light. Light is the reflection of the Atom(s) (Atum, Adam Kadmon-God) moving upon the Waters (Ethers) in Space (Black Matter). Also, the body's temperature is a constant 98.6 degrees (Rounded off, 98.6 is 99 degrees; Bethlehem, in the Greek language =99; 99 times the number (7) seven is used in the NT; 99 is used (6) six times in the Holy Bible; this is referring to man's body being made in (6) six day or that of Carbon, the (6) six element on the Periodical chart and the basic component of all life on Earth; 99 times in the OT, the word "generation" is used; 99 DNA tetrahedral codon in human DNA; 99 natural elements composing the hue-man body;  99 attributes of ALLAH; 99% mass of the Sun, the God/Life-Giver of this Solar system;  99 also the numerical value of the Greek transliteration word Amen [Sun] A=1, M=40, H=8, N=50; and 99.9999% of the Hue-man ATOM/ATUM/ADAM-ic structure is composed of apparently empty space (it  really is not , however, it is filled with reflective ether / sub-atomic particles or potenial Photonic Energy or Light.)

RED - symbolizes the ancestral Bloodline (According to the "HOLY BIBLE" and its esoteric teachings Blood is actually, the Red Sea and NOT the literal Reed Sea spoken of by the archeologists. The Heart is the divider of the blood as its pumps to and fro throughout the Hu[e]man body) that ties all El Mu'urians (Anu-Ptahites, misnomered Lemurians) together as one family, NOT just in flesh but also in Spirit, for our true existence spans over 76 trillion years ago to the creation of the Universe ("THE THEOLOGY OF TIME" by the Messenger Of Allah, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad). Quantum physicists' states that Man is physically, made up of the remnant of Stardust. In addition, Prana means the Life-Breath or Life-Force energy is the color of blood, like a ruby (red gem). The seat of Prana in man is at the Heart. Prana is the sum total of all energy that is manifested in the Uni-verse. It is the sum total of all latent forces and powers which, are hidden in men and which lie everywhere around us. Heat, light, electricity, magnetism are all manifestations of Prana ("THE SCIENCE OF PRANAYAMA" by Swami Sivananda). Prana has the same color as the Kundalini, the Serpentine Fire...red, as it rests half asleep at the root/base chakra or sacral plexus in man. Therefore, Prana and the Kundalini are one and the same. The Kundalini is the force that gives life and animates the Physical Body. The Divine Soul "falls" to Earth and incarnates in human beings. This is Lucifer, the "Light Bringer," coming to Earth. In order words the Kundalini-Soul fallen through a vortex in through the soft spot of the head of a fetus (child), called the Crown Chakra (Heaven). It strikes first in the Pineal Gland (Heaven), then Pituitary Glands, then Thyroid Glands, then Thymus Gland (Earth), then Pancreas Organ (Solar Plexus), then Sacral Plexus and finally, on down to the Prostate Gland in the males and the Uterus in the females (Hell), where the Kundalini rests half-asleep, until it is awaken and risen upward. Therefore, the Divine Soul becomes trapped in the so-called animal body or animated flesh, and it is very easy for it to be overwhelmed by the animal nature, also referred to as the lower nature/self/mind. When then happens it becomes brutish and bestial or ‘Satanic.' This is the true meaning of the Beast 666 or Satan. The ancient Gnostics felt that "The Physical Body was the grave to the Soul," the "Physical birth was Spiritual death," and "Man is never more Spiritually dead than when Physically alive." Therefore, the "Fall of Man" is that of the Divine Soul ‘falling' into MAtter/Skin, in which ‘S(k)in' became ‘Sin.' The word ‘Sin' originates from the (Sumerian, Babylonian, Mesopotamia, Assyrian) Moon God ‘Sin.' According to the Sumerian tradition (Cuneiform tablet "ENUMA ELISH"), "Enlil discharged his seed into the womb of MESlamtaea: The seed of thy lord, the gleaming seed, is in thy womb: the seed of Sin, the divine name, is in my womb." Sin was the enemy of evildoers and destroyer of evil. The so-called three monotheistic religions have twisted what ‘Sin' originally, stood for into a word that typifies evil and misdeeds. Sin is disobedience or to go against the laws of nature. Men were NOT made transgressors of the law; they became so by actual wrong-doing. The lower nature is hu(e)man nature and hu(e)man nature is styled "sinful flesh (carnal minded)" ("HOLY BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT ROMANS. 8:3"), for servitude to it leads to sin. "And the wages of sin is death" ("HOLY BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT ROMANS 6:23")! The reason for such a change was due to different cultures. Therefore, this should NOT be looked at entirely, as a negative event, but a necessary one in the stage of cosmic evolution. Just as electricity needs a physical machine to realize its potential, the Divine Soul needs the Hu(e)Man body, as a vehicle for its realization on this Earth. The Divine Soul needs the animal nature in order to progress. It needs an opponent to wrestle with, so that it can develop its powers. Therefore, your entire life is about the moment of your death. Because, if you know how to die properly, you will know how to work your way through the underworld, through the bardo system - then you can choose your next cosmic life. Your mind creates a reality - we know this as a dream. When you die, the same thing happens. You lose consciousness and your Soul wakes up in the luminosity, and then your mind creates another reality. Then you wander in what the Tibetans call the ‘Bardo,' the in-between state. The Mayans practice dying every night, when they went to sleep. They would go to sleep but they would NOT pass out. In other words, they would remain conscious as their bodies fell asleep (Lucid Dreaming, Astral Travel, Soul Travel). Then they would practice going through the bardos, the in-between worlds. For the Olmecs, when the time comes to physically leave the body, like a great warrior, you choose the moment that your inner fire will absorb all your essence.

1. The PhysicAL MortAL Body - C-REating the Ego; the child first develops a personal center, his own "I." The point of gRAvity is in the Right bRAin, dREam world, and "play" is the activity by which the child discovers the world. This stage is normally, MAStered between the ages of 0-7.

2. The (Lower AstrAL) Etheric Body - RElation to objects. The Ego RE-ALizes that it has a body, culminating in puberty and the beginning of sex. AwaREness of death becomes important, along with possessing things, collections. Learning in this stage is primarily imitative, without concern as to the significance of ideas. In tribAL cultuREs this stage ended with initiation into the tribe as a man or a woman (Rites of Passage). This stage is normally; stage is MAStered between the ages of 7-14.

3. The (Higher AstrAL) E-MotionAL Body - Now the natuRE of learning should change and take on new importance. The young adult begins to be concerned with the judgment and synthesis of factual data. They formulate their own ideas and begin to see themselves as part of a system of ideas. The judgment tends to be simplistic, seeing everything in black and white terms. Scientific intelligence can awaken, and either great supportive enthusiasm or negative skepticism tends to develop, depending on the teachers. The identification with and loyalty to a peer group is a common ideal for this stage of development. This identification with the peer group beyond this age is a danger. The young person must find their individuality at 21 years of age in order to continue to grow. This stage is normally, is MAStered between the ages of 14-21. (Note: The Lower & Higher AstrAL Bodies are the Lower SpirituAL Body.)

4. The MentAL Body - In most societies the twenty-first years represents the passage into adulthood. In this stage education should continue from inner initiative with the teacher's role becoming secondary. The new adult starts their own home and family and gains independence from their parents normally, is MAStered between the ages of 21-28.

5. The (Higher MentAL) CausAL Body - Learning now changes to MAStery of certain outer skills, which have been previously learned, and to MAStery of language and consciousness. With children the role of teacher must be carried out and education is important. Creative energy, based on SexuALity, becomes the basis of efforts. This stage is normally, is MAStered between the ages of 28-35.

6. The (Higher SpirituAL) Cosmic/Christ /Buddhic Body - Selling oneself; making a living. The focus now shifts from channELing SexuALity into cREativity, to the clear conscious experience of RE-ALity. A person must sense what use he can be to the general movement and exchange of things, the fitting of his special cREative gifts into the general economy. The person in this stage focuses on work, applying what they have MAStered in the last stage. This stage is normally, is MAStered between the ages of 35-42; it is here that 40 represent SpirituAL Maturity.

7. The (REfined SpirituAL) Soul/GOD/ImmortAL Body - Now halfway though life, the center of gRAvity passes from private to public life. Focus shifts to establishing community position and to social responsibility. Social behavior is REfined and polished. This stage is normally, is MAStered between the ages of 42-49.



8. The T-RAns PersonAL Point - Opening oneself to opportunities and tRAnsforming possessions into energy. Social initiative now becomes the primary preoccupation, and other attachments and PhysicAL and economic dependencies are eliminated as dead weight. This stage is normally, is MAStered between the ages 49 - 56.


9.  The (Etheric RE-ALm) RE-ALm of Possibilities - Finding personAL REvELation or historical tradition. Now a person comes into SpirituAL RE-ALization of their unique talent or gift. The MentAL/SpirituAL world becomes the prime concern, tying into past tradition. This stage is normally, is MAStered between the ages 56 - 63


10. The (RE-AL SELf) RE-ALm of the REAL, Transcendent S-ELf -The AwaREness of the full extent and meaning of the SpirituAL task now becomes apparent. A person will begin to live only for their RE-AL aim and purpose in Life. The person takes a public stand to embody these ideas in society. This stage is normally, is MAStered between the ages 63 - 70

11.  The (Soul StAR) REALm of True SpirituAL Essence - After the public implementation of the ideas in the last house, the person must move on and clarify and communicate the ideas, which will be of most value to others. The pen ultimate cREative expREssions are now achieved, as the person RE-ALizes that their gifts to HU(e)Manity are just one of many, and are part of a larger civilization. This stage is normally, is MAStered between the ages 70 - 77

12.  The (Divine Gateway) GOD Force Consciousness - In the final stage a person is tRAnsformed into a vessel of Light. ALL states of consciousness are integrated into awaREness, the bRAin and CHI are fully activated and in bALance, and the Higher-S-ELf is continuously RE-ALized. A person who attains this final stage of full wis(z)dom(e) can now helps others through living example, by their very presence and being. The divide between life and death is penetrated, preparation for the death of the body, and continued journey of the Soul is complete, and the person serves as an inspiRAtion and bridge to the next world. This stage is normally, is MAStered between the ages 77 - 84

         The Divine Soul is the "Ever Coming One," like Jesus, Heru, Buddha, and Krishna etc... In fact, it is ALL of them. It can perpetually renew itself by entering the womb of MAtter (Mother-Akasha), to be born again and again. This also, takes Jesus's phrase, "We must be born again" to the level of Re-incarnation. We only have to look to nature to see that life continually renews itself. 

          Later, in order to suppress, oppress and depress the Naga (Nigga, Nigger) or Serpent Wisdom, the Europeans turned this energy into an evil (later defined as Ignorance and referred to as Voodoo or "Working Roots"), called "The Devil (Double or the Lower-Self of the Higher-Self; also called the Lower Nature of the Higher Nature [Dual Nature] or the Lower Mind of the Higher Mind)." Read this article by the Lodge of Ramsey.


Naga: The Serpent

by Soror Ourania
Reprinted from Thelemix and Therion Rising

         The word Naga is rooted in Sanskrit and means "Serpent". In the East Indian pantheon it is connected with the Serpent Spirit and the Dragon Spirit. It has a equivalency to the Burmese Nats, or god-serpents. In the Esoteric Tradition it is synonymous for Adepts, or Initiates. In India and Egypt, and even in Central and South America, the Naga stands for one who is wise.

     Nagarjuna of India, for example, is shown with an aura, or halo, of seven serpents, which is an indication of a very high degree of Initiation. The symbolisms of the seven serpents, usually cobras, are also on Masonic aprons of certain systems in the Buddhistic ruins of Cambodia (Angkor) and Ceylon. The great temple-builders of the famous Angkor Wat were considered to be the semi-divine Khmers. The avenue leading to the Temple is lined with the seven-headed Naga. And even in Mexico, we find the ‘Naga' which becomes ‘Nagal.' In China, the Naga is given the form of the Dragon and has a direct association with the Emperor and is known as the "Son of Heaven"...while in Egypt the same association is termed "King-Initiate." The Chinese are even said to have originated with the Serpent demi-gods and even to speak their language, Naga-Krita. For a place that has no serpents, Tibet, they are still known in a symbolic sense and are called ‘Lu!' (Naga). Nagarjuna called in Tibetan, Lu-trub.

     In the Western traditions we find the same ubiquity for the Naga, or Serpent...Of course, in Genesis the Serpent is a Naga who instructs the new infant (humanity) in what is called the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The Christian church has, unfortunately transformed the Initiate-Teacher into a tempting and negative demon-character...Naga is one of a handful of rare words surviving the loss of the first universal language (Naacal). In Buddhism, Wisdom has always been ties, symbolically, to the figure of the Serpent. In the Western Tradition it can be found that Christ in the HOLY BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT Matthew 10:16, stated, "Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves." In all mythological language, the snake is also an emblem of immortality. Its endless representation with its tail in its mouth (Ouroboros), and the constant renewal of its skin and vigor, enliven the symbols of continued youth and eternity. The Serpent's reputation for positive medicinal and/or life-preserving qualities has also contributed to the honors of the Serpent as still seen by the employment of the Caduceus. To this very day, the Hindus are taught that the end of every Universal Manifestation (Kalpa) all things are re-absorbed into Deity and the interval between ‘creations.' He reposes upon the Serpant Sesha (Duration) who is called Ananta, or, Endlessness. (See OPHIOLATREIA by Hargrave Jennings)




   Serpent-Riding Shaman (Mayan)             Heru encircled by the URAEUS (Ouroboros)             


         The ancient AF-RA-KAMau depicted two Serpents, the good (in KaMA'at, it is the U-RAeus or the Kundalini-Serpentine FiRE movement up the s-Nake-shaped spinAL column at the awaken level of the PineAL Gland that brings life to as ideas, called thought-forms and fro from the SpirituAL Plane) and the bad (Apep, the Kundalini at the half-sleep level of the Testes/Prostate/SacrAL that brings life to the MAterial Plane or the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Ev-IL, called the "Family Tree or the Family Jewels") Serpent. The so-called bad Serpent is the MAgnetic-Ego (Personal me, myself and I)-Spirit, called the Lower-Self. It gives vitality to the PhysicAL Body. Without this state of consciousness at the root/base chakRA level and the desire to live in the PhysicAL on the MAterial Plane, there would be NO Physical existence at ALL. Yet, however, the other planes of existence still would exist. Therefore, the Serpent also symbolizes the seven states of consciousness. Life, itself is NOT Ev-IL, however, the process itself can be interpreted as such; for the Soul can be seen as a leech or/and the body traps the Soul in a physical yet, temporary prison, such as, light trapped in a prism. The Serpent has been known throughout the ancient world. It was at least 200,000 years ago that the AF-RA-KAMau used the Serpent to denote the Soul in its various conscious aspects, the PhysicAL Soul or the MELanated Body to the shedding of it and the other bodies to the SpirituAL Soul (Dr. Richard King). The Ancient Wisdom in AF-RA-KA, we saw that there exists a learned society which, the AmaZulus call the Bonaabakulu Abasekhemu (Note: Many AF-RA-Kam dialects still uses Medu Neter), whose members come from among ALL the many peoples of AF-RA-KA, and whose origins are traced the priesthood of Aset during the reign of Ngu (PhaRAoh) Khufu, the 3rd dynasty (3900 BCE), the inscriber on the grand Mir (Pyramid) and NOT the master builder of it, as told to us by Euro-egyptologist. The priests of KaMA'at (Egypt) and Sumer (Babylon, Mesopotamia) styled themselves the Sons/Daughters of the Serpent God, or Sons/Daughters of the D-RAgON. Determine the names of the Neteru (Goddesses) Nekhebit-Neb Het(Pingala) and Uadjit (Udjat)-Buto-Aset (Ida). They also become an U-RAeus-Shekma'at-Shekem (Kundalini Shakti; Shekinah, URiEL). For example, Dr. Vamos Toth has noted that there is a Kar-NAK (The Spiritual Serpent of Light) in Kama'at (Egypt) and Kar-NAK in Central Asia. Kar-NAK was part of the city of Ipet-Isut. A glorious city of Temples for learning built over 2000 years and dedicated to the Theban triad of Amen, Mut and Khonsu. The Het-Heru (Hathor, Hagar) faculty is intimately connected with the "Ngo-lo" meaning, "Serpent Spirit" by the Kongo people of Central AF-RA-KA, it is called "Ngu-RA" meaning Life Force. In the HOLY BIBLE OLD TESTAMENT Numbers 21: 4-9, "Moses lifted up the Serpent in the wilderness", is another reference to the Kundalini, in the body being raised up and as it awakens our Soul in the PineAL Gland, we become Gods/Goddess, shining as the outer Sun. "In the "NILE VALLEY CONTRIBUTIONS TO CIVILIZATION" by Anthony T. Browder, tells us that the KaMA'atu (Egyptian) name for King is Ngu, while in KaMA'at (Egypt) the same association is termed "King-Initiate."

         Atum is always depicted in the human form. He is another form of the Neter (God) RE (RA). Tem means, "The Complete" His name is connected with the root tem, or temem, "to be complete," "to make an end of," and he was regarded as the form of the Sun-god which brought the day to an end, i.e., as the evening or night sun. The word ‘Temem' or "Tem On" happens to be the origin of the KaMA'atu (Egyptian) word ‘Dem On'or ‘Demon.' Thus, the word ‘Demon' originally, was  referring to  Neter ‘Set' as in the "Set-ting Sun." He is the Neter (Netjer, Nigger, Neggur) from Whom all Names emanate; a very similar concept in another African religion would be Olodumare of the Ifa System (Yoruba/Nigeria). Like the Biblical God, Tem begins creation alone in the Nun (as in the fact that Nun of the Catholic religion wears black, which represents Nun's black primodial waters or "Black Matt-er" [Black Moth-er, Black Mad-onna {Mad is another form of the ancient Kama'atian name Ma'at} and Child-Christ or Karast] , the deep void, or waters of potentiality (Akasha-Aether). Tem (Atum) is said to have created both all the other Names of Neteru and all creation, through bodily fluids, such as semen (semen -shaman [holy man and 'holy' means 'Sun']-Samson [symbolizes the Sun; his seven locks or the seven rays spectrum colors of Light are all the same] tears, mucus and self-impregnation, as "that Great He-She (Androgynous Energy or Being)." Tem's other name Atum happens to be the origin of the Holy KA-BA-LAH's (Spirit-Soul-Source) Adam Kadmon (the Heavenly Man or Higher Mind), the Holy Bible's, the Holy Qur'an's Adam made from the ground of clay or "Black Mud (External DNA, Black Matter, Celestrial Dust or Cosmic Mel-Anin)" and the scientific (Chem-istry, or "the study of Blackness" or Biology) word 'Atom.' The life chem-ical of all living things is Carbon and Mel-Anin is a chain of arrangements of Carbon molecules. Carbon is the sixth EL-ement on the periodical chart and has (six) 6 EL-ectrons, (six) 6 Neutrons and (six) 6 Protons. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the Beast (the word 'Beast' is derived from the ancient Kama'atian word 'Bes,' the Twa (misnomered Pygmy) and his female counterpart/wife 'Baset' Bes is Yoda, [in his later reverse form he become the Biblical Azaz-EL, the scape goat    , called Baphomet, which was originally, a male sheep called a Ram, the symbol of Amen Ra and/or Khnum, the Maker of the Neterw {Gods}, the Sustainer of Eternity, and the Establisher of Everlastingness.] or the  taken from the Biblical word Judah, the 4th son of IS-RA-EL or the Lion of Judah, which Jesus also represented. There are also depictions of Bes with feline or leonine features. Bes' role as demon-queller also extended to driving off mischievous beings that were believed to cause minor misfortune. Bes was so ugly that even a statue of him would frighten away wicked creatures. Thus, many houses would keep a statue of Bes near the door to guard it. In numerology 666 represents the Sun): for it is the number of a man; and his number [is] Six hundred threescore [and] six (Holy Bible New Testament Revelation 13:18; note the inverted five pointed star means 'Son' in the AF-RA-KAM Akan [RE-li-gious] system. It simply represents "Descending Feminine Energy." The five-pointed star or Pentagram is also the signet of the Satanist and the Order of the Eastern Star.


" I am Atum, the C-REator of the ELdest Gods,
  I am He who gave birth to Shu,
  I am that great He-She.
  I am He who did what seemed good to him;
  I took my space in the place of my Will.
  Mine is the space of those who move along
 like those two Serpentine Circles". (Vesica Piscea)


Atum (Atom, Adam), the KaMA'atu C-REator of the ELdest Neteru (Gods) will become a New Serpent when the world returns to its original chaos (According to F-REe MAsonRY, "in the Temple of Solomon [the HU(e)Man body] ...on the pillars [the one spinal column or backbone-Asaru, two SacrAL nerves] of Boaz [Ida] and Jachin [PingALa], there are two globes [two hemispheREs of the bRAin] which, symbolizes the two worlds of the Celestial [Right-HemispheRE] and the terrestrial [Left-HemispheRE].



This actually, symbolizes, the mathematics of the 720 degREes; 360 degREes of PhysicAL [Seen, Visible] Know-Ledge, Wisdom and Understanding, which is symbolized by a square [for most people everything is placed in a box] and 360 degrees of SpirituAL [Unseen, Invisible] Right Know-Ledge, SupREme Wisdom and Perfect Overstanding [Innerstanding], which is symbolized by a circle). In HOLY BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT Corinthians15: 36-41... "There are also Celestial bodies, and bodies Terrestrial; but the glory of the Celestial is one, and the glory of the Terrestrial is another...45-49... "The First Man Adam was made a Living Soul (present body); the Last Adam was made a Quickening Spirit (SpirituAL Body)...The First Man is of the Earth, Earthy (TerrestriAL) the Second Man is the Lord from Heaven (Extra-TerrestriAL or Extra-Terra-AstrAL)." The Serpent also represents the two selves, the higher and lower selves.     


Current Medical Symbol actually the Healing Symbol of Tehuti

‘Nkosi,' means ‘King,' in many AF-RA-KAM dialects. In ‘Niger,' AF-RA-KA, the word for ‘Serpent' is ‘Nyoka' from the Kanyika, Kabenda, Mimboma, Musentandu, Kasands, Nyombe, Basunde, N'gola, Zubalo, Songa, Kisarn, and Nyarnban or ‘Nyokefrom Swahili. In Basuto, AF-RA-KA, the word for ‘Serpent' is ‘Noga.' The ‘Nk' or ‘Ng' is the original AF-RA-KAM sound. According to the "METU NETER" by Ra Un Nefer Amen on pg. 63 states " "Ng(k),"  Nada, undifferentiated energy/matter to give rise to the ninth manifestation...The ninth manifestation is known as the "Mother of all iving things." Gerald MASsey maintained that the ‘Y' in the names is NOT a primary sound, but rather one that evolved from ‘G.' Naya or Nayya in the Native dialect means ‘Serpent.' The Dogon God-Serpent and the Kama'atu (Egyptian) Serpent are identical. The God-Serpent is called "The One who Dances in the Shadows." In the Dogon's pantheon, the seventh ancestor transformed into a Serpent  (Note: It is also within the Dogon's system of life that it takes three male spirits [3] plus three female spirits [3] to bring forth the Seventh [7th] generation [Hu{e}man Beings, made of Spirit flowing through a Body]; Showing everyone that every thought becomes physical or is made to matter in the seventh generation of thought) From this sepulcher the ancestor Serpent rises up to dance underground in the darkness and to move toward the tomb of the oldest man (The Soul embedded in the Pineal Gland, which oversees the Third Ventricle). According to "AFRICAN ORIGIN OF BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY" by Dr. Richard King, states, "the name for serpent exists in hieroglyphics where ‘Nkakais' synonymously interchanged with ‘Nakaad' in the Egyptian hymn to Amen-RA, the Sun God is said to send his arrows against the ev-il serpent ‘Naka.' The Chaldeans taught that in most ancient times a race of Extra-terra- astrals (Extraterrestrials), the Serpent Men, Nakash-Na, warred with Sut-Typhon[s](Titans). China pyramids were builded by the Moi of Vietnam and the Nakhis of Southern China, remenant of the ancient Mu (Mu'urish) civilizations.

The AF-RA-KAM word ‘N-Gu-ru,' derived the Vedic Sanskrit word  ‘Gu-ru,' meaning ‘Wise' or ‘Teacher'. There is also a chakra called the Guru Chakra, which is part of the Crown Chakra This is the most top center chakra. It is two inches over the top of the head. The First [Third] Eye or Brow Chakra (Ajna-Chakra) is also called the Guru Chakra

‘Ngu-ni' an AmaZulu word that means "Ancient Ones." Nguni is the group name for the Zulu, Xhosa, Swazi, Ndebele, Shangaan and Ngoni peoples.

‘Ngo-nyama' means ‘Lion.' It also is another "Praise Name" for an AmaZulu King.

‘Negro' is a Spanish word meaning ‘Black.' Negro is closely connected to the word ‘Necro,' a Greek word, which means ‘Dead.' The connection with "Black" and "dead" is not necessarily a Nega-tive (is derived Naga from "Black Serpent," "MAgnetic Current" or Ida in the Yoga traditions) one. The Shaman ruler depended upon journeys into other RE-ALms above and below to contact ancestors and forces and to achieve power. In the esoteric sense, when the Kundalini has been properly unleashed, it produces a multi-interdimensional process. Psychic abilities develops, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometry, telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, healing powers, prophesy, past-life memories, out-of body experiences (Astral travel, by activation of the Solar ChakRA and Soul travel, by the activation of the Crown ChakRA or Third Eye [First Eye]), direct awareness of auRAs and chakRAs, lucid dreams and vivid Life-like visions and contact with the ‘Dead,' spirit guides through inner voices. Thus, AF-RA-KAM (Black) people learnt how to communicate with the ‘Dead,' their ancestors and the inner voices or memories through the DNA.

‘Negger,' means "Golden One," in KaMA'at (Egypt) Medu Neter. It is another form of Geb. It is also a termed for the "King-Initiate." It is the same word as Neb Heru (Kama'at) or Nibiru (Sumerian), the Golden Light (Auric Halo).

‘Nigger' - A word that denotes "Know-Ledge," or "WisDome" and NOT the WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY's former definition "One who is ignorance."

‘Niger' - A masculine derivative of the ancient KaMA'atu (Egyptian) word ‘Ngu,' which means "Serpent King." It is a title that is bestowed upon the KaMA'atu (Egyptian) King (PhaRAoh) - Priest, who has mastered the Healing science of the URaeus.

‘Niger-ia' - A feminine derivative of the ancient KaMA'atu (Egyptian) word ‘Nga,' which means "Serpent Queen." It is a title that is bestowed upon the KaMA'atu (Egyptian) Queen, who has mastered the HeALing science of the URaeus.

‘Nig-gina' is the Mesopotamian word for ‘Justice.' In the Canaanite tradition, it is ‘Sedek' as in MEL-CHI-SEDEK or the Biblical Archang-EL Micha-EL, the "Ang-EL of Justice."

‘Nig-sisa' is the Mesopotamian word for ‘Righteousness' In the Canaanite tradition, it is Misor. Therefore, together MISOR + SEDEK becomes the Biblical, King of Righetousness (Peace) MELCHI-SEDEK.

Niagra (River Fall)' - means ‘Black' A city in upstate New York bording Canada.

"Nega Negast" - An Ethiopian word which, means "(Serpent) King of Kings."

"Nag Hammadi" - An ancient Aramaic and Hebrew scripture which means "The Serpent Black Guide."

‘Nagasaki'- A Japanese city destroyed by an atomic bomb in 1945, by the u.s. of America and it means "Serpent Spirit" or "Serpent Life-Force.

‘Naacal'[Nagal] (Mayax) - The first Universal language; the language of Mu (EL Mu'uria) meaning "Serpent God."

‘Netjer' is the medu origin of the word Nigger, which means "God; God of Wis(z)-Dom(e) or Force of Nature". "Neteru-Ankh"- KaMA'atu (Egyptian) Serpent God through whose body the Boat of Afu RA is pulled by twelve Amikhiu Neter (Gods), entering the tail and exiting the mouth, which results in Afu RA being transformed into KhepeRA, now towed into the sky by twelve goddesses.

‘Nergal' is "the HeALer" in the Sumeria lore. In ancient Sumeria, the Anu-Naki  (‘Heavenly Serpent" "Sun  Serpent" or "Serpent and the Rainbow") were Serpents, and Naki (E-NKI or s-NAKE) name for the Initiates of Chaldea, corresponding to the Nagas or "Snake-Kings" of the Buddhist legends, who preserves and guards the ancient truths. From these bloodlines has come the origin of the "Divine Right of Kings." There is a direct link between the D-RAcontia, the Lemurian, Atlantean architects and builders who were originally, the Brotherhood of the Snake/D-RAgON, initiated by the Sumerian god E. A. or En.ki, the Serpent (Kundalini and DNA) in the Garden of Eden (Universe and Body) who is credited with building temples and teaching the people. The Medu Neteru (Hieroglyphs), cosmological monuments and institutions of the peoples of Central and South America prove indisputably the existence of communication between AMER-ica, AF-RA-KA and India. Shub-Niggar-uth is an ancient Sumerian name for God, called later in Latin called Pan (which means ALL in ALL). It is a reference to the constellation Sirius.

Naki-EL- A mighty ang-EL, whose name in Hebrew means "Serpent of God," or "Knowledge of God." 

 ‘Naga,' means ‘Serpent' in the Vedic Sanskrit. The Hindu Naga Serpent Gods of India are mention in the "UPANISHAD TEXTS".  Naga (Nagini - fem) - Indian Serpent Ruler, son of Kadru (Kedar in Hebrew means ‘Black'), daughter of Daksha, was a title of Spiritual Power among HU(e)Mans. It is first important to note that the Snake (Serpent Spirit) has been a symbol of wisdom, eternity healing, mystery, MAgical power, and holiness throughout most of the ancient non-western world. It's symbol is used today in medicine, and other healing professions (Caduceus; U-RAeus), - and its live descendants are hailed as sacred and used in everything from cancer drugs to sex potions. Naga represents the energy of Life and Death. The Naga spirits bring rain and rules the Underworld (the Belly), the Nagas are manifestations of ‘Agni' (fire), the Spirit Guardians; divided into four classes: 1. Heavenly  2. Divine  3. Earthly or  4. Hidden. The connections between the Blacks in AF-RA-KA and of India are strikingly similar, that even the names given to the various ‘Naga' peoples of India and those of AF-RA-KA are the same in spelling and sound. For example, certain groups in Sudan are called ‘Nagas,' whereas in India, Brahaman Vedic groups with racial features similar to the people of Sudan are also called ‘Nagas.' The languages spoken by the ‘Naga's and other Dravidians such as Telegu, Malayalam, Kanada and others are related to the Kushite languages of East AF-RA-KA, such as Gala and those spoken by the Nilotic peoples. Moreover, these languages spread to West AF-RA-KA and far beyond India into Cambodia and South China. The ancient Indians belonged to the Kushite-Nubian AF-RA-KAM race. Of this group of ancient Af-RA-Kamau, the Naga People were and still are the largest subgroup of the Kushitic speaking branch of India. In fact, the ‘Nagas' retain the title ‘Naga' in various forms throughout AF-RA-KA and South Asia even today. There are many examples of the term ‘Naga' still being used to describe various groups in AF-RA-KA and Asia. For example, two AF-RA-KAM tribes of West AF-RA-KA are called "Nuga-rmar-ta" and "Nago-mina" who were establishers of great civilizations in Ghana and Mali that existed in the region before 1000 B.C.E. In the Mossi tribe ‘King is currently called ‘Naga', which is ‘Naba,' which later developed into ‘Nuba' or ‘Nubia.' The word ‘Nahas' is another word for ‘Nubian.' Names of tribes and nationalities such as ‘Nuer,' ‘Nuba,' ‘Nubian', and the North Amer-ican/Delaware Nanticoke nation, the ‘Le-Nape'or "EL Nabe" are all related to the Naga tribes of India and South Asia. Long before the Caucasian barbarians infiltrated India, the AF-RA-KAM Nagas, ruled India as well as a substantial portion of Asia from Arabia to China and the South Pacific, as well as the Indian Ocean region. In India, Af-RA-Kamau built the magnificent cities of Harrappa and Mohenjo-daro. It is one of the world's most glorious civilizations, 6000 years before the making of the plagiarized conceptualized JeSus (Ju-Zeus). In addition, the Babylonian word ‘Nabu' or the Biblical (Heb-rew) word ‘Nebo' is related to the word ‘Nuba.' ‘Nabu' or the Hebrew-Assyrian word ‘Nebo' means ‘Prophet or ‘Eye'as in the ALL-Seeing Eye.' ‘Nabu' (Tehuti, Imhotep) was the son of Marduk (Asaru) was the scribe and herald of the gods. Moreover, ‘Nabi' is the Arabic equivalent, which means "Master of Knowledge" and is derived from the ancient Kama'atu (Egyptian) word ‘Neb.' meaning  ‘Gold.' ‘Neb' (Serpent) spelt backwards is ‘Ben,' (Phoenix-Bird or "Serpent in the Sky") short for "Ben Ben," meaning ‘Source' or ‘Spring.'

"Naga-RAj," means "King of Serpents" or "Serpent King."

"Naga-bhushan," means "One who wears Snakes as ornaments of Shiva."

"Nag-endRA, means "King of Snakes."

"Nag-esh," means, "Snake in Man."

"Naga Kanya," means "Snake of the RAinbow." The Naga Kanya a Seven-headed Naga, a counterpart of the God Vishnu. Naga-rjuna of India, for example, is shown with an aura, or halo, of Seven Serpents that is an indication of a very high degree of Initiation. The symbolisms of the Seven Serpents, usually cobras, are the (7) Seven Chakras, also on MAsonic aprons of certain systems in the Buddhistic ruins of Cambodia (Ankhor) and Ceylon. To this very day, the Hindus are taught that the end of every Universal Manifestation (Kalpa) ALL things are re-absorbed into Deity and the the interval between "creations." He reposes upon the Serpant Sesha (Duration) who is called Ananta, or, Endlessness.

"Naga Lakshmi," means "Queen of Snakes."

"Naga-mani," means the "Mind (Gem) of Serpents."

‘NagAL' means "Serpent-God" and is the title of the medicine men, magicians and initiates in ancient Mexico, Central and South American Indigenous civilizations. NagAL is another name of Quetzalcoatl; the Mexican "Winged -Plumed Serpent God (Kundalini Shakti energy). "According to traditions, Quetzalcoatl is the instructor, builders, healers, astronomers, etc. He built roads, civilized the people and departed across the sea on MAgic "raft of Serpents." Quetzalcoatl was "recognized as the MESsiah by seers and astrologers; his head was RAyed like the Sun; his complexion was Black; his hair was woolly." In Uruguay, the word NagAL means ‘Chief', a ‘Teacher' or a "Serpent-God". ‘The NagALs were known to the ancient Pre-Dravidian and the Sanskrit word for the South American NagALs is ‘U-RAgas'. They are the present inhabitants of Nagaland, one of India's northeastern states. The Nagas were recognized as superior to humans. Those who later became the Nagas (Serpents in Sanskrit) in India, the Lung Dragons of China, and the Amarus in Peru, were elected to take the ancient wisdom to their respective countries. Later, a similar convocation would occur on Atlan-tis with certain Serpent MASters of that land chosen to take the Atlan-tean records and teachings to the Pan-Atlantic territories. These missionary Serpents became known in Mexico as the Quetzalcoatls, Kukulcans, Gucumatz and Viracochas; the Djedi/Jedi ("Stable Serpents") of Egypt, the Adder Moorish Druids of Britain (St. Patrick ran the Snakes out of Ireland), and the Dactyloi Serpents of Greece. (It is interesting to note that wherever the Lemurian or Atlan-tean Serpents established schools of wisdom, they built temples aligned with the Planet Venus, the stars of Sirius, the Orion constellation and the former pole star Thuban in Draco, which became associated with Saviors and Immortals). 

In Buddhism, Wisdom has always been ties, symbolically, to the figure of the Serpent. The Buddha resting on the coils of the Naga Serpent Mucalinda sheltered the Buddha from a weeklong rainstorm by enfolding him in his coils; this tale is from Angkor Wat.  The great temple-builders of the famous Ankgor Wat were considered the semi-divine ‘Khmers' (Note: Khmers means "Creators" is derived from the AF-RA-KAM words ‘Khnum [Kh-NUM],' the ancient KaMA'atu [Egyptian] name for "The Creator" and ‘Nommo[s],' the KaMA'atu [Egyptian] derivative name of "The Creator" of the Dogon of Mali formerly of KaMA'at [Egypt]). The avenue leading to the Temple is lined with the Seven-headed Naga (the Kundalini's Seven energy centers - chakRAs) and is in the exact configuration of the Constellation Draco of 12,500 years ago.

‘Aguna' is the Solomon Islands Serpent Mother Goddess.

‘Naggai' is Hebrew and it means "giving light: shining: brilliant: illuminating: enlightening: luminous intelligence." ‘Nachash,' is HebREw and means ‘Serpent.' In Arabic, it is ‘Naya' (Nayya) or ‘Nachaas'; in fact, the Arabic word for "Serpent People" is ‘Naas,'(gNos-is) and this is the RE-ALm of the People or those made from mud - "Black mud (MEL-anin)." ‘Naasuwt' and even in English, it is s-Nake. Neke and Nakahi-Maori are also names for Serpents. According to the "METU NETER" by Ra Un Nefer Amen pg 98, states..."the hieroglyphic symbol for this part of the spirit is a serpent (Apep,   Nak, from whence Nachash, - the "serpent" that spoke to the woman in the Garden of Eden). This part of the spirit is composed of subtle electro-magnetic energies that have the function of animating Man's life, especially the physical body. Hence, the name "animal spirit," or "anima and animus," as it was called in the Latin spiritual tradition. Our modern use of the term "animal" to denote the creatures that are thus identified is an example of muddling thinking. All things in this world are infused with this animating spirit."

‘Nazarene' (Nasarene, Naaserene or Naas) is a Heb-rew (Het Heru) word which means "Aider, Helper or Friend;" according to "WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY" means "a native or resident of Nazareth 2a: Christian" From the Heb-rew (Het Heru) word ‘Nazar-ene,' ‘Nasir' or ‘Nasar'/ ‘Anasar' or ‘Naas;' the Greek word ‘Gnosis' or ‘gNosis,' which means ‘knowledge,' ‘recognition' or ‘intuitive' and the word Greek word ‘Essene,' which is derives the word Essence, meaning "the individual," ‘real,' or ultimate Nature (Neter) of a thing 2: something that exists: ENTITY. The ‘Essene' "a member of a monastic brotherhood of (real) Jews (Heb-rews/Het Heru) in Palestine from the 2nd century B.C. to the 2nd century A.D."  Both words are derived from the Heb-rew word Nazi-r.

‘Nazareth' a town in Palestine

‘Nazirite' or ‘Nazarite' according to "WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY' means "a (real) Jew (Heb-rew or Het Heru, the "House of [Heru]-Light) of biblical times consecrated to God by a vow esp. to avoid drinking wine, cutting the hair, and being defiled by a corpse." The German word ‘Nazi,' the German fascist party controlled under Hitler in 1933 to 1945, is also derived from the Heb-rew word ‘Nazi-r or Nazi-rite. In addition, the "HOLY BIBLE" speaks of Mount Nisir. The "HOLY BIBLE" states that Jesus was a Nazarene, from Nazareth (Eventhough, Nazareth was NOT a town until years later after the so-called crucifixtion (crucifiction). Hence, the origin of the "HOLY BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT" Matthew 10:16  verse "Be ye therefore wise as Serpents, yet gentle as doves."

In China, the Naga is given the form of the D-RAg-On, also called the "D-RAgON Spirit" and has a direct association with the Emperor-King and is known as the "Son of Heaven." In Tibet, they are still known in a symbolic sense and are called "Lu (D-RAg-On)!" In the Sumerian lore man was named LuLu (SupREme D-RAgON of D-RAg-ONs). The Chinese are even said to have originated with the Serpent demi-gods and even to speak their language, Naga-Krita (it has been scientifically, proving that the Chinese are from the Ngu-AF-RA-KAM descent). For a place that has no Serpents, Tibet, they are still known in a symbolic sense and are called "Lu!" (Naga). Nagarjuna called in Tibetan, Lu-trub. It has a quivalency to the Burmese Nats, or God-Serpents.

‘Nahua' is a Mexican word which, means ‘Serpent'

Naga is found even in the so-called Western traditions. One simple example is the Ancient Greek Goddess, Athena. She is known as a warrior Goddess as well as the Goddess of Wisdom; her symbol being the Serpent as displayed on her personal shield.

Philo (Arrius Piso) stated that it was in Kashmir that A-POL-lonius of Tyana, a Pythagorean philosopher (a pseudonym for Arrius. A fictional character of Saul (Sol, Roman Sun-God and changed name to Paul from A-POL-lo, another Roman Sun-God) became instructed by the ‘Nagas' and completed his initiation into the mysteries.

Therefore, as Dr. Malachi Z. York states, "WE (AF-RA-KAMau) ARE THE REPTILIANS," the Dino-saurs (Dino is derived from Dina, the Hebrew-Greek name for Aset/Isis and Saurs is Asaru/Osiris) or the Ancient Ones that was prophesied to return in the last days (view the videotape "ARE WE REPTILIANS" by Malachi Z. York). August the 11th, 12th and 13th are the Aset (Isis) days that are very important to us. August the 13th is the day when Quetzalcoatl was born, ruling the Serpent of illumination, the fusion of Bird with Serpent (in Heb-rew, it is known as the Seraph-im). In KaMA'at (Egypt) it is, Heru/Horus (Hawk-Bird) with Set's Sata (sNAKE). In India, it is the Guru-das (Astrologically, the Bird, symbolizes Scorpio in its Eagle form) with Nagas (Serpent, symbolizes Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer). In Western Astrology, this particular time is also shown in Leo (Lion-Atum and Lioness-SekhMA'at; SekhMA'at is another name for MA'at. She is a form of Aset/Isis, whose name means "Great of MAgic") and HydRA ("Water Serpent").

A persistent theme of ancient religious writings is the two stages of the evolving God: Incarnation and Resurrection. This is reflected in the many twofold concepts, such as Sut (or Set or Black [Dark])- Heru (Horus or Light), Heru (Horus), the Elder and Heru (Horus), the Younger, Cain-Abel, Enki-Enlil, Jacob-Esau, and Judas-Jesus. As part of the ritual drama, the God is "betrayed," meaning, "Matter is crystalized Light" or "Matter is Light slowed down." Matter is the lowest level experienced by God. After much struggle, the God is reborn to illuminate our Earthly life.

         While, at the same time the European Masonic/Eastern Star Orders and etc... worships the Devil or rather Lucifer, the "Light Bearer or Bringer" and the "Bright and Morning Star." In the book of "REVELATION 22:16," Jesus is also referred to as the "Bright and Morning Star." Jesus Christ (God or the Son of God) is Cosmic Consciousness which ‘illuminates' the Earthen vessel of ‘Adam' through the Serpent (Kundalini) of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (Sexual Genitals, Spinal Column and Nerves). The Serpent is the Son/Sun in Man is also Lucifer and like Jesus is also coming on a cloud like the "Morning Star." They are two extremes of the same pole (Polarity), one called negative, descending energy-matter (Lucifer) and the other positive, ascending energy-spirit (Christ). "The symbolism of spirit as masculine and matter as feminine is symbolism purely, and not tied to men and women as their personal identities. Nevertheless, Spirit is protyped a male or king. Every man is therefore a Lord of Spiritual light (Ahau Atea). Matter (Mother) is typified by women figures; thus, every woman is therefore sunk in material aims. Evenso, the Mind or Soul in each is sexless."


The (7) Seven Arch-Ang-ELs, (which symbolizes the activation of the [7] Seven MEL-anin Energy Centers, known as Ebusua [Chakras]. The earliest mention of the [7] Seven Arch-Ang-ELs is from the "APOCRYPHA; ENOCH 1 [Ethiopic Enoch]").

1.     MICHA-EL - (Ang-EL whose like ‘GOD;' Chief of the Arch-Ang-ELs. It symbolizes Protection, the Crown ChakRA or the Pine-AL Gland; His mystery name is Sabbathi-EL. He is the Ancient of Days, Yaanan, Adona-EL, Zad-Ki-EL, and MEL-CHI-SEDEK).

2.     GAB-RI-EL - (Ang-EL Messenger to Earth; the energies that REsides in the stratosphere are the Messenger's of GOD. It symbolizes resurrection, the First [Third] Eye Chakra or the Pituitary Gland; GEB-RA-EL or other names are Cami-EL, Sabri-EL, or Hani-EL).

3.     REMI-EL - (Ang-EL of Thunder; It symbolizes Joy, the Throat ChakRA).

4.     RAPHA-EL - (Ang-EL of Healing; It symbolizes Healing, the Heart Chakra; another name is Rikbi-AL).

5.     ZERACHI-EL -(Ang-EL of the Army; It symbolizes Surrender, the Sol-AR Plexus Chakra).

6.     RAGU-EL - (Ang-EL of the Friend; It symbolizes repentance, the Nav-EL/Sacr-AL Chakra).

7.     URI-EL- (Ang-EL of Fire, the Physical Manifestation of Light; Ang-EL of the Flame, the Ang-EL of Hades; it symbolizes Ministration and Salvation, the Base/Root ChakRA or the Kundalini [Serpentine Fire] Consciously Manifested and Self-Controlled in the Hu(e)Man body. It is also known as, Prana or RA [RE] Sekhem/SekhMA'at Energy. In the "HOLY BIBLE OLD TESTAMENT Numbers 21: 8," states "And the Lord (EL Adonia) said unto MOSes, Make thee a Fiery Serpent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he looketh upon it, shAL-l live."  His other names are Ari-EL, SariEL, SuriEL, PuriEL, PhanuEL, Naki-EL and RA-zi-EL. His Latin name is ‘Lucifer,' the "Light Bearer" or "Light Bringer"). According to "A DICTIONARY OF ANGELS; Including The Fallen Angels" states, "Tartaruchus ("Keeper of Hell") - chief of the angELs set over the torments of Hell. Tartaruchus alternates with UriEL at this office. UriEL being "Chief of the Spirits who Preside over Tartarus."


         According to "WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY" [ME, the morning star, a fallen rebel archangel, the Devil (Devil is always dressed in the color Red, like the Kundalini is Red at the Base/Root Chakra, which gives us Physical Life and is Red like Prana energy, the ALL Pervading Force of the Universe. Red is the slowest/lowest vibratory color of the visible light spectrum, which contains the seven bands, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet (Purple). Melanin, the internal Black Matter responds to (converts), absorbs, conducts, transmutes (transforms) and traps light energy. Melanin is Supreme. Devil is short for Devolve [Devol-ution, backward ‘Devol,' is spelt ‘Loved,' which is past tense], meaning, "to cause to roll downward" and it also phonetically, sounds like Double, [Double is linked to the term "Doppel-ganger," which means, a ghostly counterpart of a living person] as in the Lower Self [Set] is the double or counterpart to the Higher Self [Heru]. In addition, the name Evi or Eve, is embedded between the letters D and L [Eve-n or Eve-ning = Night, or the Primordial Substance of the Universe = Black Matter] is the "Mother of ALL Living." The letter ‘D' is before the letter ‘E' [‘E' is the fifth letter in the English dialect, thus symbolizes ‘Ether' and ‘Evolve' or ‘Evol-ution.' ‘Evol' spelt backwards is ‘Love,' present tense] or is lower, as in vibratory rate. Therefore, the letter ‘D' symbolizes, the "cause of the flow or roll downward" In the English dialect ‘D' is the number four, as in the four Elements Earth, Air, Water and Fire), fr. OE, fr. L, the morning star, fr. Lucifer light-bearing, fr. Luc-, lux light + - fer - ferrous --- more at LIGHT] 1 --- used as a name of the devil; 2: the planet Venus when appearing as the morning star"... ‘LU' means ‘white,' which is an abbreviation for the element ‘Lutetium.' Luteium's atomic number is 71 and it appears as a silvery-white rare earth element used in nuclear technology. ‘CE' is an abbreviation for the element ‘Cerium.' Cerium's atomic number is 58 and it appears as a lustrous, iron gray, malleable metallic rare earth element that is used in nuclear applications. Ce-res is the largest asteroid and the first to be discovered, having an orbit between Mars and Saturn. Ce-res is a remnant of the exploded Planet Maldek (Lucifer, Vulcan is the Roman god of Fire and metalworking). ‘FE' is the abbreviation for the element Iron, which is a silvery-white, lustrous, malleable, ductile, magnetizable metallic element occurring abundantly and most notably, in Hu(e)man blood (Hematite) (www.health.xq23.com/Industrial_Chemistry_B/Mercury.html). Lucifer is the Latin name of the Arch-Ang-EL Uri-EL. Uri-EL is Hebrew and it means, the "Fire of God" or the "Light of God." In the "HOLY BIBLE OLD TESTAMENT Isaiah 14:12-15:" it states, "How art thou fallen from heaven (Crown ChakRA), O Lucifer, Son of the Morning (Kundalini Shakti or P-RAna is the ALL-Pervading Energy of the Uni-Verse; in bodily form, in its' most dense form it is the Red colored Energy at the Root/Base Chakra, called the Red Dragon. Its' nega-tive qualities are self-centered, insecurity, violence, greed, anger and overly concerned with one's physical survival.)! "How art thou cut down to the ground (MAtter), which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine Heart (Will), I will ascend into heaven (Spinal Column), I will exalt my throne above the Stars of God (Seven Chakras): I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds (Brain-Cerebrum/Cerebellum); I will be like the most High. Yet, thou shalt be brought down to hell (Root Chakra-Prostate Gland or Sacral Plexus), to the sides of the pit." In the "HOLY BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT Luke 10:18-20:" states, "And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. Behold, I give unto you Power (Shekinah or Kundalini Shakti) to tread on Serpents (Ida = Black Serpent or Snake, Pingala = White Serpent or Snake and Sushumna = the hollow centrAL column, where the Kundalini or Serpentine FiRE is risen, like Jesus was risen [REsurREcted] from the dead and ascended to his Father [Ptah-RE] Pine-AL Gland [Black Dot], which are in Heaven) and scorpions, and over ALL the Power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.  Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the Spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven (Medulla Oblongata-Seat of Memory)." Venus, in astrology is the Planet of Love. Venus is called in ancient KaMA'at (Egypt) the "Star of the ship of the Ben-Nu Asar (Osiris- Os means ‘Open' and ‘Iris means ‘Eye' or Open Eye, meaning, the "Awoken Pineal Gland") and Sirius, the constellation of our Light origin into the Physical, both are considered the "Bright and Morning Star(s)"(Nevertheless, we overstand that Venus is NOT a star. However, it is still one of the brightest objects in the dawn [morning] skies). Venus is referred to as the "Morning Star" because for a part of the year, Venus rises in the eastern sky (the women's F-REeMAsonRY is called the Eastern Star Order, symbolizing the Planet Venus and Sirius, in part. Consequently, during the other part of the year, Venus becomes an "Evening Star". Then it sets in the west, after the sun. Mercury also qualifies as a morning and evening light, but it is more difficult to see. The star in the east can be traced back to the star Sirius, also called Sothis or Septet in Egypt (the name is based on the root of the word "Osiris"). Sirius was the Morning Star of the year in Egypt. The three wise men is the three stars in the belt of Sahu (Orion). (The New Testament does not say how many wise men there were, so the number three must have come from another source.) The orthodox account stretches credulity to breaking point. Stars and planets do not hover over one place, for in relation to the Earth they are always moving. It's simply impossible for a star in the east to be a guide for people coming from the east. And since Venus is a feminine planet, and Sirius B. is also a feminine star, thus, in the Gnostic texts, she is called Sophia. In the Catholic Church, she called Mary, the Holy Madonna, the Mother of God or the Queen of Heaven. In Christian, she is called the Holy Spirit or Ghost. In pre-Arabia, she is called Allat. In Sumeria, she is called Ishtar (Esther or Easter). In ancient KaMA'at (Egypt), she is called A-set. D-Eve-L Therefore, what color is the Devil? Red (Well, at least on the hot sauce bottle). What color is his pitchfork? Red. What color is the Devil's tail? Red. Even to this day while making salaat (worship), a Muslim can NOT pray (du'a) on a red rug (flying carpet), nor wear a red kufi (skullcap; covers the crown chakra); to the Muslims red represents sexual lust and passion. And it does, for the Kundalini gives the Hu(e)man body the capability of sexuality and reproduction. However, since the Kundalini (Prana) is the All-Prevading force in the Universe, how can we deny it and reject it on any level? Simple, we can NOT! However, in America, a very important person receives the red carpet. Albert Churchward's SIGNS & SYMBOLS OF THE PRIMORDIAL MAN states, that "the Twa (El Mu'urians, Anu-Ptahites misnomered Pygmies-Homo-Sapien and Type 1 Homo-Sapien Sapien) are the original and the oldest living people on the face of the Planet Earth," the Living Gods. The Twa people who founded many of these societies are, in truth, the parents of all subsequent civilizations since each has relied on the fundamental insights the Twa first acquired ("THE MEANING OF BLACKNESS" by IM Nur). The ancient Kama'atu (Egyptians), called the Ta Setu (Ta Setians) spoke of the "Twa people" -small brown men who were the earliest inhabitants on Earth." Another ancient name for the Twa people was Tangu (Tengu, Ankh), in the Kama'atu (Egyptian) medu neter their descendants presented the name Anu (for the Twa). On the ancient Sumerian clay tablets, the highest God was Anu, in Kama'at Annu [On] (Ama, Amma). In the early societies around the globe, such as in Asia, Australia and the Pacific Rim all stemmed from a people who called themselves Anu (for example, the Ainu, Japanese). In "PYGMY," Kitabu Jean-Pierre Hallet documents the Twa (Pygmies) of Zaire, "as the world's most genetically pure ethnic group...is surviving since the dawn of Hu(e)manity in real harmony with God, nature and each other." The Twa (Tah-ite, Pygmy) bones and their descendants have been found ALL over the Earth, in (west) Kush (Ethiopia; Ether Utopia), KaMA'at (Egypt), Canaan, Sumer, Babylon (east Kush), Indus Kush -Harrappa (Pre-Dravidian of ancient India), China (Shang Li Dynasty) and Australia (Tasmanian Aborigines). Other great El-Mu'urian civilizations included the empires of Ghana, Mali, Songhai, Benin, Zimbabwe and the Moors who ruled southwest Europe (Spain, Portugal and etc...) for nearly 1000 years; even in the Amer-icas-Mexico (Olmecs, Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, and Toltecs), Mississippi (Washitaw), Ohio, Wisconsin, Montana, North and South Dakota and etc. The migrations of the Twa (El-Mu'urians) to all parts of the world within the past three hundred thousand years or more occurred before other races existed, as we know them today; far before the Red, Yellow and White man ever existed, we existed! Therefore, the Indigenous Washi-Taw (Twa) people are their direct descendant.

         EL Mu'uria (MU, Lemuria) is said to be the earliest parent of world cultures. Ceanne DeRohan reports in "RIGHT USE OF WILL" that the "Lemurians (EL Mu'urians) were small and brown;" referring to the Twa people. EL was represented by the symbol of a  ‘Dragon,' in terms of a ‘Current' or EL-ectricity. Astrologically, it symbolizes the constellation Draco (Hydra, the Dragon or former Pole Star Thuban). In Hebrew, Phoenicia, Canaan and Assyria ‘EL,' means, "Highest Power or Most High Power." This is a reference to the Kundalini Shakti Force, the ALL-Pervading Energy of the Universe. In its lowest aspect and form, it is the Sexual Energy of the Physical Body. MU is ancient Kama'atu (Egyptian) word, which, means "One who Emerged from the Water(s) of Life," which is a reference to the One sperm in semen (Water of Life) that connects with the One egg to produce Life. UR means "Fire or Light." Thus, we have the "The Dragon Emerges from the Waters to Spits Fire." This is a reference to the DNA. It is DNA that gives us our color, size, form and Sirius A & B is elliptical and crisscrosses one another in the exact same pattern as Hu(e)man DNA. And this is the reason why the Dogon says that we came from Sirius.


They are referring to the light of Sirius (Cosmic Plasma) that travels to our Planet that formulates and influences Hu(e)man DNA. According to "BLACK WASH THROUGH WHITE OUT"..."Hu(e)manity's first prototype began as long-lived, God-like, Ethereal, hermaphroditic beings that gradually polarized into opposite sexes (male and female) and solidified into flesh form." Eons later, succumbing under the attack of negative forces were like thought projections - not physically solid. It made them higher in frequency and closer to the Creator's energy vibration level. Their Souls came to Earth to experience the physical vibration. According to "THE SECRET DOCTRINE" by Madame Helena Blavatsky (a so-called Black Russian).

         1.  The first race to evolve on Earth was the Astral Beings, a race pure in Spirit.

          2. The second race was known as the Hyperborean Race. They used to live on a now vanished continent in the northern ocean.

3. The third race was called the Lemurians, who fell because of interbreeding with the Earthly elements.

4.  The fourth race was known as the Atlanteans who possessed psychic powers and lived in gigantic cities. A great flood destroyed them.

5.  The fifth race was known as the founders of the ancient Egypt culture, and they soon would rise to the pinnacle of spirituality.

          The sixth and the seventh Root Races will come to existence in the future when the present fifth Root Race experiences a racial cataclysm, which will cut it into two halves. The same occurrence also happened to the 4th and 3rd Root Race, the Lemurians. The sixth and seventh Root Races will also experience a racial cataclysm.  According to "BLACKWASH THROUGH WHITEOUT," "The first El Mu'urians were androgynous (so-called bi-sexual) - neither male nor female"... but both, as ONE; after million of years they evolved into females and then males following an aspect of reproduction. The vast number of the Souls came from the stars, in particularly - Sirius, Orion, Pleiades, Arcturus and etc...(Job 9:9). The Blackfoot tribe teaches that "every star was once a hu(e)man being."  The Dakota tribe speaks of the "Spirits in the sky often descend to Earth in Hu(e)man form." The Hopi call them Kachina. The Iroquois tells of "A womb-man fell from the skies." The Arika teaches, "Man came from a previous world." The Algonquians tells of "Spirits descending from the sky under the guise of man." The Chippewas told of "Betsune Yeneca, a man from the stars." The Crees speaks of the Sky Father along with the Trickster (Wisgatcak-Mansbozo) aided man and taught man civilization. The Osages refers to the Mikake or the Star People. According to "STAR ANCESTORS" by Nancy Red Star states, "When it was time to populate this Earth many spirits came from other planets. As the spirits entered the atmosphere, they took on the atomic structure, which formed into a body. When we exit, we dematerialize the atomic structure." Theosophists insist that Man is definitely older than the ape species. They state that the first men were Etherian (Light) Beings whose attenuated forms in the course of ages, became more condensed until it attuned itself to the slower vibrations of the material plane (Earth) and assumed an apparent solid physical body; such materializations descended to the entire visible (seen) Universe, peopling not only Earth but all (3rd) third dimensional planets. Thus, the condensation of the spirit builds the body that appears (to be born). J. E. Bode pointed out a regular pattern in the planets' distance from the Sun and according to Bode's Law, he calculated that there should be a planet between Mars and Jupiter.

Bode Law of Planetary Spacing
































Formula: distance in au










Heinrich Olbers speculated that the asteroid belt were the ruins of a fifth planet. In the astrological sense, the Lucifer, the Son of the Morning, the Fallen Angel was the planet located between the two planets you call Mars and Jupiter. It was called Maldek (Vulcan [Marduk]), "Tongue of Fire."

         On January 1, 1801 Piazzi discovered a wandering asteroid, 437 miles in diameter between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, which he named Ceres. Since then over 250 asteroids have been located. According to this account, Maldek (Vulcan or Lucifer) was a feminist utopia of dominating women and effeminate, submissive men. The men decided to eliminate the women leaders and replace them with men. Wars resulted and eventually, Mal-dek (Mar-duk [Mur-dock], means "Light of the Pure Mound"/Nibiru-Neb Heru, "the Golden Light," also called "the Planet of the Gods") was destroyed by nuclear weaponry (atomic hydrogen bombs) which eventually, led physically, to producing the condition called "Third Eye Blind"or "Calcified Pineal Gland.") This was the war in Heaven, which has manifested on Earth! Tiamat (Ti MA'at, the Dragon) mentioned on the Sumerian clay tablets is speaking of Mal-dek. For Tiamat (Maldek,Vulcan, now called Earth) was the planet that was once between Jupiter and Mars. The largest chunks of the planet settled into a new orbit becoming Earth (Tiamat or Ti-Ma'at or "Life in Balance") and our Moon. The remnants of such a disaster are the Earth's fault lines. In the "HOLY BIBLE" it alludes to the facts that Earth is a "Fallen World" and that Lucifer was the "King of this World" or that the Ang-EL Caligastia ruled the Earth. According to the "URANTIA BOOK," Caligastia was loyal to Satan, who served Lucifer. Therefore, this whole sector of space has "Fallen From Grace" along with Lucifer ("SEAN DAVID MORTON'S; DELPHI ASSOCIATES NEWSLETTER Vol. 8, Issue 95 August, 2003"). This explains why the energy of this planet (Earth) is so destructive. The rest of Maldek and its moon Malona floats in a ring of debris between Mars and Jupiter now called the asteroid belt. A few parts of Maldek were hurled into orbit around the outer planets, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune. Nearby, Mars was thrown further out away from the Sun. It lost its atmosphere and surface water, becoming a frozen wasteland. The explosion impelled the survivors to abandon the Red Planet in emigration to Earth, as told in the legends of the Ama Zulu people and the Hopi Natives ("GODS AND SPACEMEN IN THE ANCIENT WEST" by W. Raymond Drake). Venus was forced closer to the Sun where it turned into a burning furnace, which also caused the Venusians to migrate to Earth ("SECRET PLACES OF THE LION" by George Hunt Williamson). The Spirits (Counterfeit, Soulless, Clones, Non-Hu(e)man Astral Entities, Non-Permanent Atom BEings, Hu(e)man Artificials or Earth Bound Man-Kind ("Kind of Man" or "Like a Man") from Maldek (Vulcan or Lucifer), which were suddenly released on to the different etheric planes, were not welcomed on the other cultured Solar planets, but were forced to incarnated on Earth, as the people of the Caucas Mountains (Caucasians). In "THE ASTRAL BODY AND OTHER ASTRAL PHENOMENA" by A.E. Powell states, "In certain rare cases, the personality, or lower man, may be so strongly controlled by kama that lower manas is completely enslaved and cannot disentangle itself. The link between the lower and the higher mental, the ‘silver thread that binds it to the Master,'snaps in two. This is spoken of in occutism as the "loss of the soul." It is the loss of the personal self, which has separated from its parent, the higher ego, and has thus doomed itself to perish...Such a creature, owing to its possession of mind, is more dangerous even than an unevolved animal: though human in form, it is brute in nature, without sense of truth, love or justice [HOLY BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT John 8:44 "Ye are of your father the Devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it."] After physical death, such an astral body is an entity of terrible potency, and is unique in this, that under certain rare conditions it can reincarnate in the world of men. With no instincts save those of the animal, driven only by passion, never even by emotion, with a cunning that no brute can rival, a wickedness that is deliberate, it touches ideal vileness, and is the natural foe of all normal human beings." According to "HERMATICA" by Walter Scott, he wrote that the ancient Kama'atu (Egyptians) stated essentially, "the worst thing that we have ever done was to make man in our image." In the "A BOOK OF THE BEGINNINGS" Vol. 1 pg. 27 by Gerald Massey, states, (Seti 1 Temple at Abydos)"The Tamahu are light complexed people in Egyptian ‘Tama' means ‘People' and ‘Created;' ‘Hu' is ‘white,' like ivory. The Tamahu are the created (made) white people." In "THE THEOLOGY OF TIME" by The Messenger Of Allah, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad states, "...white people are... a made people...The white man was made by the Black Man...He was made though grafting...Yakub was the father of the white race. Yakub is the name of the god who made the white man.. When Yakub made them, he made them out of the essence of evil..." (ENUMA ELISH, EPIC Of GILGAMESH) of the ancient Sumerians, they depict hairy animal-like men [Enkidu]("THE GODS OF EDEN" pg. 41 by William Bramley). According to Zulu legend "The First People had to go into battle with the  Ape-Man and as a result artificially produced flesh and blood slaves were made by the First People [Gods]" ("GENESIS REVISITED" by Zecharia Sitchin). Therefore, the ancient masters, (a renegade priesthood of Yakub [Jacob], a Hyksos deity, found by name in the Temple of Seti 1 or the Yakubites [Jacobites]) decided to genetically draft the physical bodies of these hybrid-clones (an offspring of two animals or person of different races, breeds, varieties, species, or genera...something of mixed origin or make-up) from the so-called missing link, Big Foot (Homo Ferus-Gigantitaupelous or Sasquatch-Shaggy-Ape-Like, 6th Ether fur) and the so-called abrupt disappeareance of the Neanderthal Man (Abominable Snow Man-Albino-Yeti) into the permanent albinos (Homo-Erectus [built, made, assembled]-Cro-Magon) 6000 years ago (Mary Shelley's "FRANKENSTEIN"  and H.G. Wells's "ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU [MOR or Moor]"). Michael Bradley states, that "the Caucasus "Indo-Europeans" had a greater degree of Neanderthal admixture in them because the Caucasus Mountains had been the last and biggest Neanderthal refuge after the end of the so-called "Ice Age (www.michealbradley.bigstep.com/articles/messiah.html)." Red Elk is an Inter-Tribal Native American Medicine Man. He is Blackfoot and of the Shoshoni Nation, as well as part Irish and French and he stated in "THE SPECTRUM" April 2002 Vol. 3, No. 10 pg. 38. states, "Adam and Eve (the so-called white's Adam and Eve) were the first "evolved" through DNA, of them, Sasquatch. Gail Cortright replied, "So, we've evolved from Bigfoot? Red Elk said, No, no, no. We (whites) WERE Bigfoot; they (the Kama'atu [Egyptians]) modernized us---different brains, different bodies, and everything else."






The Cro-Magons just like the Neanderthals were "cave dwellers." Their remains have been found in caves (HOLY QUR'AN 18th Surah "Cave Dwellers"). The "BOOK OF ENOCH," which was removed from the Bible probably because it spoke of Azazel being made to live in the caves for 2000 years. According to "IN SEARCH OF ANCIENT MYSTERIES" by Alan and Sally Landburg...white men of this new hybrid race we call Caucasian, pg. 26...). (6000) Six thousand years ago, the Earth was in the astrological sign of Gemini, the Twins, at which time, Draco was the Pole Star. The Neter/Goddess Tarut (Draco), the Great Mother,  presided over the principle of multiplication, whose function was parturition. According to "WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY" "Parturition means ‘child birth' or "the act or process of giving birth to offspring." And the astro synthesis is Draconis and the nome spirit is IPY. It was during this time that the Kama'atu (Egyptians) were able to make man in the image of the lower nature/self or animal nature of man. Thus, a star gate portal opened, which allowed interstellar energies (entities-spirits) to permeate the etheric grids of the Earth to incarnate within the genetically grafted bodies to continue learning their karmic lessons. Thus, we have the emergence of the so-called V-Ampires (Vulcan Empire are blood and pranic feeders) or Draconian saga. Nothing has change! They are still the same destructive Maldekian beings. The Non-Permanent Beings in their nature does NOT have an e-motional body or e-motions. They experience others anger, fear, pain, as they feed on these lowly e-motions. The Killuminazi (so-called Illuminati or the elite of them) conjures elementals, evil thought-forms or summons Spirits from the Etheric or Lower Astral Realms, to work their will and appease their sinister powers they perform blood-stained rituals, perverted sexual acts (homosexuality, bestiality, sadomasochism, etc) degenerated to hu(e)man sacrifice and murder. Due to their lack of melanin and their weak genetic structure, the lowest vibratory forces or elemental entities more easily inhibit them. Therefore, they are the single most dangerous species on this planet. They have succeeded in destroying the living resources. They believe that they have a technological hold on the planet...big machines...big guns...ending world bombs. Population control, pollution, bio-chemical contamination, experimental vaccination, alcohol, tobacco, drug poisoning and etc. have reach their zenith at this time, in feeble attempts of stripping the True-Real BEings of their positive energies (Joseph S. Chiappalone). Many of the low beings have been concentrating onto this plane, specifically, for the reason of energy extraction. However, Nature will deal justly with the bearers of such atrocities.



The Great Chief in Washington sends word that he wishes to buy our land. How can you buy or sell the sky - the warmth of the land. The idea is strange to us. Yet, we do not own the freshness of the air, or the sparkle of the water. How can you buy them from us? Every part of this Earth is sacred to my people.

We know that white man does not understand our ways. One portion of the land is the same to him as the next, for he is a stranger who comes in the night and takes from the land whatever he needs. The Earth is not his brother but his enemy, and when he has conquered it, he moves on. He leaves his father's graves, and his children's birthright is forgotten.

There is no quiet place in the white man's cities. No place to hear the leaves of spring or the rustle of insect wings. But perhaps because I am savage and do not understand the clatter, it only seems to insult the ears. And what is there to life if a man cannot hear the lovely cry of the whippoorwill or the arguments of the frog around the pond at night.

The whites too, shall pass - perhaps sooner than the other tribes. Continue to contaminate your bed and you will one night suffocate in your own waste. When the buffalo are all slaughtered, the wild horses all tamed, the secret corners of the forest heavy with the scent of many men, and the view of the ripe hills blotted by talking wires. Where is the thicket - gone - where is the eagle - gone - and what is it to say goodbye to the swift and the hunt, THE END OF LIVING and THE BEGINNING OF SURVIVAL.


To President Franklin Pierce -- 1855

         The Ama Zulu means "People of the Sky." Ama is the same name of the Dogon people's Mother Creatrix named Amma. According to Credo Mutawa, the AF-RA-KAM Shaman stated, that the Ama Zulu claims Earth as their seventh world. However, in their sixth world, they lived on the "Red Planet" Mars (Ama-Zulu). The first world they journeyed from was the third planet around the star Sirius B. The Etheric Sirians Amma's [Ma, Ma'at, Mama, Anna, Amen-ta] children are called the Nom-Mos

or as the original Asiatic [in the ‘Ka-Ba-Lah', Asia or Asiatic meaning, "Material or Physical Body and Plane" is taken from the word Hebrew word Assiah, the World of Action] Black Man) are the Soul group that was given Earth, as their new home when their former home, Sirius B, imploded.

         Credo Mutwa, say that the Zulus has a similar experience with the Sirius Nommo(s), and that his tribe also have had the knowledge they brought for eons. It's notable that the Ama-Zulu gave them the same name: Nommo. The Kung people of the Kalahari Desert strive to arouse in themselves N/um, energy apparently comparable to Kundalini, "that" N/um makes you terrible; it's hot. Num is the same as the Dogon's Nommo, which is the KaMA'atu Neter (God-Nature) Num or Kh-Num. The Dogon migrated out of the KaMA'atu (Egyptian) delta around 6000 B.C.E., in pre-dynastic times; therefore, they were the "Living Gods." Their Nommo is also associated with the Neter Sebek-RA (Set-Heru) (‘Seb-ek,' an KaMA'atu word is the origin of the Nation Of Islam's Asiatic word ‘Shab-azz.' ‘Sha(h)' is a Persian (Arabic) word for ‘King' or ‘Ruler' and ‘Bazz' (Boaz), and Arabic (Classical) word meaning ‘Falcon,' thus, "King Ruler." The symbol of Heru is a Falcon) the Crocodile-Man or Dragon-Man . The only known sculpture of Nommo is of a crocodile figure. According to "GERALD MASSEY LECTURES" by Gerald Massey, he states, that the ‘Crocodile' is KaMA'atu (Egyptian) ‘Mes' or ‘Meseh,' which is the root word of the much later derived Heb-rew word ‘Messiah' (Messe-Nger). The ancient Ngu's and Nga's (Kings and Queens) were anointed with the fat of the ‘Crocodile.' Therefore, the Dogon's Nommo is derived from the oldest concept of the ‘Messiah' in history, which is a reference to the monstrous Kundalini Shakti force in us rising up to the Shiva (Seventh) Kundalini (ChakRA), which resides in the bRAin. The so-called Comanche, a Native Indigenous tribe is actually known as the Num-unu, the Snake People. The KaMA'atu (Egyptians) associated Kh-Num or Amen with the RAm's sheer force with raw sexual energy. Thus Kh-Num was linked to fertility. He is also Kh-Num (Ngers, who created the Cosmic Egg. He is the male principle of Neggur [Het-Heru], the goose that laid the Golden Egg. Another name for Kh-Num is the Potter who made MAN (Mind, from Celestial EL-ements that forms MAtter) from clay.




This is the same God mention in the "HOLY BIBLE OLD TESTAMENT Genesis, 2:7" "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground"... In the HOLY BIBLE and the HOLY QUR'AN, it uses the name and Hebrew-IsRAelites, Christians and Muslims all say at the end of their prayers 'Amen.' It is stated in the "HOLY QUR'AN 17:61-65," Adam was "created of dust." And also in the "HOLY QUR'AN 15:32,"  "Adam was made from Black mud (Melanin-Black Matter or Carbon Atom [Adam])"


...Amen-Ra called for Khnum, the creator, and the fashioner of the bodies of men.

On the Temple of Hatshepsut

Thus, metaphysically, Kh-NUM is birth, creation, and life itself. Khnum is the form of the Self.

He gave the power to pro-create to female though Mito-Chondri-AL DNA, which gives her the power to give birth.

     "Fashion for me the body of my daughter and the body of her ka," said Amen-Ra, "A great queen shall I make of her, and honour and power shall be worthy of her dignity and glory." "O Amen-Ra," answered Khnum, "It shall be done as you have said. The beauty of your daughter shall surpass that of the gods and shall be worthy of her dignity and glory." So Khnum fashioned the body of Amen-Ra's daughter and the body of her ka, the two forms exactly alike and more beautiful than the daughters of men. He fashioned them of clay with the air of his potter's wheel and Heqet, goddess of birth, knelt by his side holding the sign of life towards the clay that the bodies of Hatshepsut and her ka might be filled with the breath of life.


Mito-Chondri-a is the powerhouse of the cell. The Mito-Chondri-a organelles consume the sugars that our bodies have converted from food, and in return produce EL-ectricity with which to power the cell. Mito-Chondri-a have their own DNA - DNA which is usually, unaffected by other genetic exchanges. For example, you are a genetic mix of your parents, each of which contributed half of your genetic material. This means if, it was possible to backtracking the genetic process to your grandparents; you are already a genetic mix of six distinct individuals who may have come from different regions of the planet. But yet one important ingredient remained constant - and that is the mitochondrial DNA does NOT change at ALL - it remains intact through the female line. Male sperm usually however, contains only enough Mito-Chondri-a to power the sperm to the surface of the egg - that it usually, does not enter the egg. The egg, however, contains Mito-Chondri-a that have been passed from mother to daughter for countless generations. Mito', is from the Greek word Mitos', meaning "Warp Thread", and  Chondria' is from the Greek word Khondrion,' diminutive of  Khondros' meaning ‘grain', ‘granule.' The Moon is ‘Chandra' and the male Sperm is also known as "Chandra", in Vedic Sanskrit. The Twa (Ptahites- Pygmies) called him Kho-Nu'um. He was the Supreme Serpent God. He is the God of the Rainbow and the (7) Seven Rays of the Sun (as in Sam-Son's 7 locks). He was also called NUM-RA, (Nim-Ro-d, son of Kush [Black] of the HOLY BIBLE) the Serpent and its Seven Heads, referring to the Kundalini and the (7) Seven Chakras or Energy Seats. In HOLY BIBLE, it is the (7) Seals (REVELATION 5:1..."a book written within (Brain, DNA, and Nerve cells in the body) and on the backside (Spinal Column and it's 33 Vertebrates and 33 Nerves), sealed with Seven Seals ([7] Seven major Ebusua [ChakRAs] along the Spinal Column and in the Brain, also called the Seven Souls of RA.") Ptah has his Seven Kh-Ne-MU, Nem-MU, Nom-MO or aNun-NAki (O-ANNE-S). KhNum's other names are KhNe-MU, Chnuphis or K-NEF, (in Hebrew, the word Neph', means Spirit', in Arabic, it is Naf, Nafs, or Naf-ish, for Spirit." K-NEF encircled a water vase: the s-Nake breathed on the waters (Etheric Space), and its breath, impregnated the water and produced matter and life. This simply, symbolizes the reproduction process, the penis in the watery vaginal canal; then at the point of orgasm, Semen (777,777,777 Sperm Cells [at our most regenerative state Semen was Black, like oil, not pale (so-called white). Anything pale (so-called white) is degenerated, sickly or dead], however, only "The One" impregnates; Se(a)Men, Sem (Priest name in KaMA'at [Egypt]), Semen, Shaman, Shamash, Samson are all words that means ‘Sun'; Note: the sperm cell actually, carries an ELectro-MAgnetic or light auric charge around its head, like hue-mans are supposed to wear an halo around our heads) gushes forth from the penis towards the ovary(ies) selected egg(s).  In Babylonian accounts of Oan-nes (Enki, Anu-Naki), amphibious beings who came to this planet for the welfare of the Hu(e)man race. Their vehicle was egg shaped ([8] Eight Divided Cells of Mitosis), and they landed in the Red Sea (Blood). "The Oan-nes had the shape of a fish blended with that of a man (Sperm)." Their appearance was repulsive (bacterial fluid seeks to destroy the Sperm after its entrance into the vaginal area). They were "semi-demons - halfway between men and gods (Sperm; travels from the Prostate-Testes up through the spinal column to the Third Ventricle in the Brain)." Manly P. Hall's "MAN, THE GRAND SYMBOL OF THE MYSTERIES" stated, "The Third Ventricle is a vaulted chamber of initiation. Around it sits three kings, three great centers of Life and Power: the Pituitary Body, the Pine-AL Body, and the Optic Thalamus (Hypo-Thalamus). The Third Ventricle (overseen by the Pineal Gland) is...the seat of the Soul, located between the eyes and just above the root of the nose. It is here that the jewels are placed in the forehead of the Buddhas, and it is also from this point that the Serpent rose from the Crown of the ancient (KaMA'atu) Egyptians." They are also called the Three Sun, Moon and Star. "Oan-nes is the emblem of priestly, esoteric wisdom; he comes out from the sea, because the "great deep," the water, typifies"... ("SECRET DOCTRINE," by M. P. Blavatsky).

         The Ozone Layer has been depleted by Solar Winds. We no longer have the protection of the Van Allen Belt (part of Earth's MAgnetic field) like we used to and for the first time in history, we are receiving Sirian energies without the deflecting mechanism. When Earth ascends the Etheric Sirians will take over as guardians of Planet Earth. The Etheric Sirians are found among the El Mu'urians or the Melanites, the so-called Black, Brown and Red races of Earth (Jeilia of the Nibruian Council). These "Light BEings" or "Special High Beings" have often come down with massive amounts of positive energy and connections to reservoirs of positive energy in order to balance this plane of existence. If they did NOT do this, this dimension would have been lost long ago, and the True-Real BEings trapped in it would have succumbed totally to the lowly usurper. Even so, all the Etherians (Light Beings) projected by way of their individual or combined "Light Vehicle(s)," called in the Hamito-Semitic dialect "Mer-Ka-Ba into Physical form to Earth." We are NOT referring to any type of Nazi "flying saucer" metal ships or crafts developed during the World War II and later enhanced under the auspices of the 13 Psycho-Blood Klans of the KillumiNazi government(s), as a ploy (read MAN-MADE UFOS 1944-1994 by Renato Vesco and David Childress).

Man-Made UFOs (1944-1994):
Government UFO Conspiracy

This astonishing book blows the lid off the
cover-up that has lasted for over 50 years!
Required reading for all those students of
technology suppression. Examines secret
underground airfields, communities and
factories. Discusses today's state-of-the-
art "Dreamland" machines, super secret
weapons, "suction" aircraft, secret factory
in South America, ancient & modern secret
societies, UFOs, anti-gravity, free energy
conspiracy. Rich with photos & diagrams.
Over 400 jam-packed pages.

See the problem is that most so-called scholars, such as, Zecharia Sitichin, David Icke, Jim Marrs, William Bramley, Erich Von Daniken, Robert Temple (even though, a confessed Mason) and others are NOT initiated into higher order and definitely NOT the highest order, the ORDER OF MEL-CHI-ZEDEK. Therefore they do NOT know, nor innerstand ancient metaphysics and thus, they fall victim to mixing esoteric teachings and astrology and selling it as literal-historical truths. Also, many different types of entities who have never lived in the material world can be found on first and second overtones of the Astral Plane. For example, fairies, elves, genies, devas (divas), gnomes, and even so-called extra-terrestrials (greys, reptilians, insectoids etc.), which have collectively, populated our human imagination. Therefore, they exist on the Astral Plane because we have conjured them into existence by envisioning them through a myriad of fables, stories and/or folktales. Thus, giving each of them a life of its very own. It is explained, everything that we think of or imagine is instantly made on the Astral Plane and is as real there as we have imagined it to be (WHAT HAPPENS AFTER DEATH by Migene Gonzalez Wippler).  

         However, there are ancient books, tablets, and scrolls that have been written on prehistoric aircraft developed by hu(e)man. The "MAHABHARATA" one of the oldest books in the world written by the Tamil people (Pre-Dravidians and an ancient KaMA'atu [Egyptian] people) speak of "an aerial chariot with the sides of iron and clad with wings (airplane)." In the "RAMAYANA," it describes "a vimana (airship) as a double-deck, circular aircraft, with portholes and a dome. It flew with the "speed of the wind" and produced a melodious sound." The "PANTACHANTRA" contains a full story of an aviation experiment.
















The "SAMARA SUTRADHARA" contains 230 stanzas on the construction of flying machines. The ancient texts called "VYMANIKA SHAASTRA" describes pilot training, flight paths, individual parts of the flying machines, as well as, clothing for hu(e)man pilots and passengers. It also details a checklist of 32 instructions before they were allowed to fly. These instructions included battle maneuvers, how to use instruments to see and hear at great distances, how to zig-zag their ships, (16) sixteen different types of heat resistant metals and propulsion systems.


























The Chinese poet Chu Yuan (third century B.C.E) wrote of his flight in a jade chariot at a high attitude over the Gobi Desert. Ko-Hung (fourth century A.D.) wrote about a helicopter in China: "Some have made flying cars with wood from the inner part of the jujube tree, using ox leather straps fastened to rotating blades to set the machine in motion." Emperor Cheng Tang (1766 B.C. E.) ordered Ki-Kung-Shi to design a flying chariot. Roger Bacon wrote, "Flying machines as these were of old, and are made even in our days." In the Eskimo legend, they arrived in the North Artic by "giant iron birds" and NOT by way of the Bering Strait.


        Pre-Columbian Airplane Models were found in an area covering Central America and coastal areas of South America, estimated to belong to a period between 500 and 800 CE, but since they are made from gold, accurate dating is impossible and based essentially on stratigraphy which may be deceptive. However, we can safely say that these gold objects are more than 1000 years old.

Look at the remarkable resemblance to a modern aircraft or spacecraft.


The archaeologists labeled these objects as zoomorphic, meaning, animal shaped objects. The question is, what animal do they represent? Obviously, NONE on God's green Earth! According to Indigenous (Amerindian) iconography, these spirals have discernable meaning-they represent ascending and descending, depending on whether they are right-oriented or left-oriented, respectively. As the spirals are not only on wings but also on the nose, the meaning is fairly obvious-the wings and the nose (as much) were the features, which were directly involved in ascent and descent.


Mayan King Palenque's Tomb

Looks like a


          This object (shown in sketch) was found in 1898 in a tomb at Saqqara, Egypt and was later dated as having been created near 200 BCE. Airplanes on a large scale were unknown in those days, it was simply marked and thrown into a box "wooden bird model" and then stored in the basement of the Cairo museum. Dr. Khalil Messiha rediscovered it. 

As a result of Dr. Khalil Messiha's findings, a special exhibit was set up in the Cairo museum. And the once "wooden bird model" is now labeled as "model airplane."

Later, scientists found this model was very similar to modern propelled gliders, which can fly in the air on their own. The model has the exact proportions of a very advanced form of "pusher-glider." This type of glider will stay in the air almost by itself-even a very small engine will keep it going at low speeds, as low as 45 to 65 mph., while it can carry an enormous payload. The tipping of wings downward, a reverse dihedral wing, and a similar type of curving wings is implemented on the Concorde airplane, giving the plane a maximum lift without detracting from its speed (www.crystalinks.com).


         The below images were found on the ceiling beams of a 3000-year old New Kingdom Temple, located several hundred miles south of Cairo and the Giza Plateau, at Abydos.


From the Medu Neter (pictograph-graffiti) we see a helicopter (this explains why the Mu'ur Paul E.Williams [in other words a so-called Black Man] was able to bring the helicopter into modern times, because it was encoded in his melanated genes), blimp (J. F. Pickering, another so-called Black Man with encoded melanated genes), jet aircraft and hovercraft (Note: These same designs where used in the first Star Wars sagas by George Lucas, a Mason). Therefore, Man's inspiration to fly is as old as the birds, which he watched. However, we are NOT talking about planetary voyage but intergalactic exploration and the only way that a person can cosmic travel is by transforming one's body into a ‘Ship' by utilizing the Seven Seals, called the major (7) Seven Chakras. All of the Chakras must be in alignment. This raises the vibratory rate of the Physical Body to the Soul [Refined Spirit] Body level, passing through the Etheric Cord (Silver Cord) [HOLY BIBLE OLD TESTAMENT ECCLESIASTES 12:6]) freely taking the Physical Body with it (turning Inside OUT) and transforming the in-divided-dual from dense Matter into Light. There are three forms of Karma, Conscious, E-Motional and Perpetual. Your Blood, Plasma and Cellular Structure (The flesh is an apparent solid or Crystallized Blood, the Blood is Crystallized Liquid, and the breath is Crystallized Light) are ALL components of the Lower Mind, the Inter-Personal, Intra-Personal and Life and Sub-Conscious Mind. Therefore, it will take the raising levels of unfolding Powers of the Super-Consciousness, MAgnetic, and Infinite Conscious Mind to etheralize your Blood, Plasma and Cellular Structure. Consequently, you become less material, for matter is merely, trapped Light and when an over abundant of Light is absorbed and trapped, it can be conducted and transformed, through the Individual Will merged into the Divine Will Power of the Super-Consciousness to the MAgnetic and finally to the Infinite Conscious Mind, until you ultimately, turn inside out from Light to Black. The EL Mu'urians and Atlan-teans are higher aspects of our Soul Consciousness. EL Mu'urians - be of higher frequency could telepath - teleport - manifest at will (rematerialize and dematerialize) - and use higher vibrational skills. The Twa people (El-Mu'urians) had certain knowledge that included the power of nature and even cosmic forces. They even had the means to transport and/or transmit these forces. Our Solar system is born in from the womb of Aset/Isis; called Sirius B. Sirius B is made of iron. The iron of Sirius B. is the same as the iron in our blood and the iron of Earth and of our solar system. Sirius is in our blood (‘O' Nega-tive; ‘O' means ‘Original'). "Therefore, when we honor the ancestors, we really honor ourselves, for the ancestors exist within us, in the form of DNA" (Bobby Hemmitt). In other words, we have their genes. According to "PRACTICAL EGYPTIAN MAGIC" by Murray Hope, "Many reliable psychics and mystics firmly subscribe to the idea of a special gene, or personalized "time capsule," programmed with the knowledge of the "Old Ones" (the Return of the Great Old Ones, the Return of the Ancient Ones, the Ancient of Days, the Return of the Serpents of Wisdom and Adam Kadmon, which means "Ancient One"), who came from the Sirius system centuries ago; this gene has been passed down (through the Melanin and DNA) from generation to generation to the present day. From this Sirian genetic strain a new school of magic has emerged." This "special gene" is reactivating in thousands of Mu'urs (Melanated people) worldwide.

Bartholomew Nnaji - One of the top Robotic engineer expects in the world, which works at NASA.

Emeagwali African_June_1996.jpg (37727 bytes)











Phillip Emeagwali - One of the top Electronic Engineers and Inventors, who made the Super Computer and the Petroleum Extraction machine.  

Gabriel Oyibo - Professor of Mathematics at the OFAPPIT Institute of Technology, New York, and a nominee for the Nobel prize in Physics. He has mathetically, proving the existence of God within (internally), as well as, without (externally), the formula is called the "Grand Unified Field Theorem." The "Grand Unified Field Theorem" has done what Albert Einstein's incomplete "Unified Theory" could NOT.

"Dr. Gabriel Oyibo was nominated last year (2003) for the Nobel Prize in mathematical physics for completing the work of Albert Einstein. Oyibo has provided an ironclad proof of Einstein's theory of relativity and achieved what scientists have been trying to do for more than80 years, that is, develop a "theory of everything." Oyibo has developed a master theory that unifies Quantum Theory, Relativity and all the heretofore-unconnected theoretical systems of modern physics in one set of simple equations (http://www.swagga.com/arthurlewin.htm)."

Therefore, Gabriel Oyibo has been said to be "the world's greatest physicist." He will rise up as one of the greatest mind of the 21st Century. These three brilliant minds are but a mere example, interestingly, they are all Niger-ians. Why such an advancement? Simple, because they acknowledge whom they are...Niggas (Niggers, Niger-ians, Niger, Nger, Neggur, Naga, Nga, Ngu). The name ‘Nigga' resonates it true and once hidden meaning, "Teacher, Wisdom, Knowledge, Serpent, King, God" etc...consciously, or unconsciously. Therefore, the ancestors exist ALL around us in the Elements. You breathe them in! When our Ancestors transcend and leave behind the Physical Body (Melanin); the buried corpse decomposes and is absorbed by the EARTH to become fertilizer for the plants, scrubs, trees, and etc... or the Physical Body is cremated by FIRE. The bodily fluids, such as blood, plasma, cerebral, spinal or etc...are absorbed by the Earth, vaporized by fire (heat) of the Sun to be recycled back in the form of WATER. The "Breath of Life" called Spirit moves through our atmosphere called AIR, in the form of Carbon Dioxide; the trees and etc...take in the Carbon Dioxide and gives off Oxygen and we take in the trace elements of the Spirit in the form of Oxygen, to re-energize our cells. As a matter of fact, a pregnant woman's in breath consists of a combination of all the elements, called ETHER, which helps in the formation of the Hu(e)man  body (the same goes for animal and etc...). In other words, we, Hu(e)man, man-kind and the like all breathe in the same Breath of Life-Force of one another. The Soul, which is a conscious entity, descends to Earth (the pit, grave or tomb) and as it does so it acquires Spiritual, Causal, Mental, Astral (E-Motional), Ethereal and Physical bodies. It loses its spiritual knowledge because of the deadening effects of gross matter and the closing off of the bridge between the Personality and the Individuality. Since hu(e)man beings can be regressed through hypnosis into a sequence of former lives it should be obvious that this knowledge cannot inhere in brain cells created at a later stage in time. This memory of previous lives is contained in the Causal Body (Karana Sharira), which encloses the Individuality or Higher Self. It is the Higher Self, which evolves by sending a fragment of itself as a Soul to incarnate on Earth. At the transition (death) the experience of the Soul is withdrawn into the causal body where it serves to perfect the consciousness of the Higher Self. It was taught amongst the Olmec, the descendants of Atlan-tis that in order to die correctly, one must practice conscious sleeping, called Lucid dreaming. Lucid Dreaming is when a person falls asleep and is aware during the different levels of consciousness.

         Another type of force field exists which may be "tuned in" by a ‘sensitive,' called a medium. Cells, regardless of where they are found, in hu(e)mans, animals, or inanimate objects, have force fields made of the combined fields of the individual electrons and atoms within. When any other force field comes close enough, the cell will absorb information from it and alter its own field through a "modulation" process. To the layman, this means it ‘absorbs' of the characteristics of the new force field into its own makeup. Needless to say, cell impressions account for many of the so-called memories of previous lives. A person may receive an impression that he was Benjamin Banneker in a previous lifetime. In reality, some of the cells in his body may actually, contain atoms that originally were in the body of and still carry memories of previous experiences that occurred to Benjamin Banneker during their lifetime. Due to interaction with the rest of the body's force field, this "cell memory" is transmitted to the brain of the person involved. Actually, the person in question was never Benjamin Banneker in any previous lifetime. This should not be confused with the "Intelligence Behind the Form" which is the "Higher Mind" or "Higher Self" that does survive death (transition) through re-incarnation. It is from the Pineal Gland that the Mind projects from while living. The Soul is embedded in the Pineal Gland, which is the highest aspect of "God," within Man. Alchemically; it represents the ascended Kundalini Shakti Energy up through the seven major Chakras that bestow the gift of Physical Life with Universal Life-Force, through the expression of sexuality to spiritual-mental life. The capability to pro-create, is extended through the gift to the process of cellular division, DNA (Water Dragons), Sperm (Little Serpents) of Man and the Egg(s) of Womb-Man that produces Hu(e)man life. This is the exact same process in the Universe, the Big Bang splitting up into trillions of galaxies in their elliptical patterns and the way that ‘Comets' (Cosmic Sperms; made of ice [water], space bacteria and etc...) bombard Planets (Eggs) and produces life, of course that is if the conditions are right. Bacteria millions of years old awake to new life. Floating spores traverse the Uni-verse and at some time or other are captured by the gravitational field of a planet. New life has gone on developing in the perpetual cycle of creation for millions of years ("CHARIOTS OF THE GODS?" by Erich Von Daniken). This is the method on how primitive sea and land life arrived to Earth, such as, amoeba, protozoa, fungi etc...In 1977, two meteorites were discovered buried in the Antarctica. The meteorite fragments collected by Japanese scientists, were rich in amino acids and contained three of the four nucleotides (A, G, T of the genetic "alphabet") that make up DNA and/or RNA. Dr. Roy Lewis and Dr. Edward Anders, concluded that the most primitive meteorites material originated outside the Solar System, including matter expelled by supernovas and other stars. Radio-Carbon dating has given these meteorites an age of 4.6 billion years; it makes them as old, if not older than the Planet Earth itself and thus, establishes their extraterrestrial origin ("GENESIS REVISITED" by Zecharia Sitchin). According to "TIME MAGAZINE", June 9, 1997 article titled "THE GENTLE COSMIC RAIN" reads, "...Louis Frank... first proposed that the Earth was being bombarded by cosmic snowballs at the rate of as many as 30 a minute...tens of thousands of icy comets, each the size of a small house and containing 40 tons of water, were vaporizing in the upper atmosphere and raining down on Earth...he estimated that s many as 43,000 of these celestial snowballs arrive on Earth every day.   "However, God-Man, originally, a Light BEing, called an Etherian, did NOT arrive to Earth in this same manner. Nevertheless, the Kundalini dwells at the back at the base of the spine (Sacral Chakra), which also extents to the front Navel Chakra (Dan Tien, the Lower Heaven; sits an inch behind and extends an inch below the Navel or Belly Button), also happens to appears Reddish-Orange in color. The Navel Chakra is the site of the manufacturing of Hu(e)man DNA and is also the location the (8) eight dividing cells of Mitosis. The only cells of the 76 trillion cells that makes up the Hu(e)man body, that do NOT change. The Nucleic Acid carries the genetic code for the cell by forming long double helix structures, which are complex chains called DNA (Adam) and RNA (Rib-o-Nucleic Acid =Eve). It is an accepted scientific fact that memories are stored in memory molecules and that DNA (Adam) and RNA (Eve) molecules establish and transport memory contents. Scientists have claimed that the first life forms came from simple one celled organism; called amoeba, protozoa, bacteria and amino acids. This theory however, dismisses and ignores the conscious ‘in-tell-I-gence' of the cell itself - the DNA (Adam) and RNA (Eve). Therefore, the fact remains without acknowledgement that DNA (Adam) and RNA (Eve) arrived to the Planet Earth first ("EXTRA-TERRESTRIALS AND CREATION" by Dr. Malachi Z. York).

         In the ancient KaMA'atu (Egyptian) medu neter, Atum emerged from Nun (Feminine) and/or Nu (Masculine). Atum, itself means ‘At' = Father and ‘Um' = Mother. It was At-Um (Ennead, He that which was the first or number 1 [one]), who created the Ogdad or (8) eight, which is referring to the (8) eight divided cells of mitosis. Even, in Arabic, the word for ‘Mother' is Um-ma (Amma, Anna or Ma-ma). Therefore, the Masculine/Male aspect, as Potential Light, has always been with the Feminine/Female, Black MAtter (misnomer Chaos, Unformed MAtter or Dark MAtter, also called Black MAd-Onna or MA'at Annu [Black MAry and Baby Christ]) however; it was hidden in the Womb, called the Universe. And he breaks forth from this cube encapsuled Ethereal state (Potential Light), at which point, the Big Bang was produced, to manifest as the Light or the vibratory sound AUM/OM. Moreover, this Light produced ALL things in existence that we as Hu(e)mans can Touch/Feel; for truly, there is only one sense and NOT five or such. According to the "HOLY BIBLE OLD TESTAMENT Genesis 5:2," "Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam (this is Womb - [Man] which was originally, Androgynous, Asexual or Hermaphrodite [Hermorphodite] state, however, the Womb-man and Man both have degenerated), in the day when they were created." The science of Parthenonism teaches, "Man came out of Womb-Man." Man has always been born of Womb-Man. However, the Physical body of Womb-man (Eve) is composed of Atom(s) or Carbon Atom(s) (Adam Kadmon, the Heavenly Man; Carbon Atom, the Invisible-Unseen Life EL-ement that produced the Visible-Seen Life Principle). Remember, I mentioned earlier that the HOLY QUR'AN 15:32 states "Adam was made from ‘Black Mud.'" Therefore, Womb-man (Eve) was made from Adam (Atom or At-Um;‘At,' is an ancient KaMA'at word that means ‘Father' and ‘Um' means ‘Mother' in Kama'at [Egypt] and Atum emerged from Nu [/Masculine/Male/Father]/Nun [Feminine/Female/Mother]) or rather composed of Adam (Atom). According to Gematria (Hebrew Numerology), Adam numeral value is 46. Therefore, this is an esoteric indication of the 23 chromosomes of Man and 23 chromosomes of Womb-Man, which, totals the 46 chromosomes that produce Life (Human Chromosomes)

23 Hexagram in the I CHING means "Break Apart." and DNA irregularies occurs every 23rd Angstrom. Dr. Max Perutz says: "There are about one hundred million pairs of nucleotide bases distributed among the 46 chromosomes in a single Hu(e)man cell." Take the ‘a' (Adm) out of Adam equals 45; Eve equals 19, thus 45 + 19 = 64. (64) Sixty-four also, equals the 64 Permutation DNA or the 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching.

         (72) Seventy-Two coincide with the life duration of the ovule is 72 hours. It takes 72 Hours for the Sperm/Semen to regenerate in the Male body. The mass of the Moon is 72nd of that of the Earth. The volume of SAT-urn (Black Planet) is 72 times that of the Earth. 72 is the average number of cardiac pulsations of MAN per minute. There are 72 Names of GOD. The name of GOD is composed of 72 letters according to the KA-BA-LAHistic tradition. It comes from the mystical text (called Shem-Ha-MephoRAsh) of the "HOLY BIBLE, OLD TESTAMENT Exodus 14:19-21," of which each one is composed of 72 letters in the original Hebraic text. It is this ineffable name of GOD. It was replaced later by the sacred named, YHWH, which KA-BA-Lists pronounce by spelling them one after the other: Yod, Heh, Waw, Heh. The same is true of the Serpent. In HebREw, the word for "Serpent" is  "EL-Haw(w)ah" or "EL-Hay-yah", and that for "Life", EL-Hay-at". In Arabic, AL-Hay ("the Living") is the 62nd  (6+2=8, 8 side ways, is the "Infinite Symbol" in the field of Science) attribute or one of the principal names of AL-LAH (AL-LAT). The She-Serpent is the invisible Serpent principle (Kundalini) that dwELls in the lower levels of Consciousness (Base or Root ChakRA). The Serpent is true to the principle of Wisdom, for it tempts man to the knowledge of himsELf. The tree that grows in the midst of the garden is the SpinAL FiRE; the knowledge of the use of that SpinAL FiRE is the image of GOD, in the aspect of the great Serpent. Notwithstanding statements to the contrary, the Serpent is the symbol of prototype of the Uni-VersAL Savior, who redeems the worlds by giving HER/HIS (Uatchet, the Lady of Flames, is the Eye of RA) HU(e)Man cREation the knowledge of itsELf and the RE-ALization of good and evil. If this is NOT accurate then why did Moses RAise a "B-RAzen Serpent" upon a pole, forming a cross, in the wilderness that ALL who looked upon it might be saved? Therefore, the B-RAzen Serpent is the precursor to the "Crucified Son of Man-GOD" prophesied to come: If the Serpent were only a thing of evil, Christ would NOT have instruct His disciples to be as "Wise as Serpents." Thus, the Serpent also brings Wisdom (Wiz Dome).


Below are the (4) FOUR Sons of Heru, called the FOUR Beasts in "HOLY BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT REVELATION 4:6-8." Heru (IS-RA-EL) himself represented the Fifth ELement or Ether-Phot-ON (Spiritual Light), the Sun. (Note: The info below varies according to authors.)    











Canopic Jars


Sons of Heru - "God of Light" -IS-RA-EL, or Disciples of  Je-Sus, YAHUWAH's  4 Arch-Ang-Els, Planets, Zodiac Signs & Constellations

Shape of Head

Netert (Goddess)

Contents of Jar

Direction of Head / Elements Of Polarity

Duamutef means "Praising  his Mother"/ Issachar, Taurus (Bull, Ox) - H=HE, means ‘Window' Arch-Ang-EL URiEL, Venus, AldebaRAnin

The First Horseman Riding a White Horse; Jackal/Dog



North / Earth/Atom itself Stability Ground

Qebsennuf means "Cooling his Brother"/ Dan Scorpio (Scorpion, Eagle, Snake) - W=Waw [VAU], Arch-Ang-EL GabriEL (GEB-RA-EL) Mars, Antaresin Ophiuchus

The Second Horseman Riding a Red Horse; Hawk



South / FiRE/Electron-Magnetism, Negative

Hapi (Hopi) means "Runner" / Judah, Leo (Lion)  H=HE, means ‘Window' Arch-AngEL Micha-EL, Sat-urn, REgulusin

The Third Horseman Riding a Black Horse; Baboon

Nebt Het/Nephthys


East /Air/ Proton-RAdiance Positive

Amset means "The Kindly One" / Reuben Aquarius (Man with a Pitcher) - Y=YOD, means ‘Hand' or ‘Consciousness' Arch-Ang-EL RAphaEL Mercury, FomALhautin

The Fourth Horseman Riding a Pale Horse; Man



West /Water/ Neutron-Balance




1. Matthew [Mati another name for TeHUti]  (Capricorn = Goat-Fish [Cardinal], Aquarius = Man [Fixed], Pisces = Two Fishes in opposite diREction tied by a silver cord, just like Man's physic-AL body and his Etheric body [Mutable]; North; Winter) 27:35-44;

2. Mark [Asaru] (Aries=Ram [Cardinal], Taurus = Bull [Fixed], Gemini =Twins [Mutable]; East; Spring) 15:26-32;

3. Luke  [Khepra] (Cancer=Crab [Cardinal], Leo = Lion [Fixed], Virgo=Virgin [Mutable]; South; Summer) 23:32-39;

4. John [Anpu, Apnu or Anu-bis] (LibRA = Scales of Balance [CardinAL], Scorpio=Scorpion, Eagle or Snake [Fixed], Sagittarius = Man-Horse with an Bow and Arrow [Mutable]; West; Fall) 19:18; speaks of Jesus (Kundalini-Prana, the Inner Sun and the Outer Sun) being crucified in the midst of the two malefactors/thieves one on the left and one on the right (in KaMA'at [Egypt] the two Akers-Lions or the two sisters Nebt Het and Aset) it is a reference to the 1. Ida (on the left, negative..."If thou be Christ, save thyself and us" 2. Kundalini 3. Pingala (on the right, positive... "Doest not thou fear God, seeing thou art in the same condemnation."]


Y H W H is the C. A. T. G. or Cytosine, Adenine, Thymine and Guanine, which are the Nucleic acids that determines the complicated process of heredity; The sequence of the four bases or nucleotides (each nucleotide consists of the sugar deoxyribose)-C. A.T. G. gives the genetic MESsege code for ALL forms of life, without which, life as we know it would have never evolved. It forms the rungs of the DNA's spiraling Ladder. This is the Biblical Jacob's Ladder, "Behold a ladder set up on the Earth." All four proteins are arranged three at a time as a double stranded helix.




Taken from the Universal Zulu Nation's website



There arrangement yields 64 combinations, called permutations out of which the vast diversity of living forms in nature is produced. According to "CHINESE THOUGHT" by Paul Carus, discusses the parallels between the Ifa Oracle system of West AF-RA-KA and the "TABLE OF DESTINY," now referred to as the I Ching. He states that "the Ifa Oracle was taken into West Asia and expounded upon and refined by the Akkadians of  Accad, thus, creating the "BOOK OF CHANGES" also known as the "I CHING". In "FOUNDATIONS OF AFRICAN THOUGHT" by Chukunyere Kamalu,  states..."like the Ifa, the I-CHING (64 Hexagrams, 64 Keys Of Enoch [Metaron], 64 Keys Of Light) was once designed in a rectangle, then transformed to a circle." The oracle Ifa, like the I-CHING, is said to connect the genetic patterns of DNA and RNA, linking the past of the human family to its current expression. But the Ifa professes to go beyond the physical and connects the race with a "road of energy" that is available to those who know and practice the oracle. The I-CHING or YIH KING entered China between the years 2852-2738 B.C.E. and according to "ANCIENT FUTURE" by Wayne B. Chandler, he states that the I-CHING was an invention of a man the Chinese called Fu-Hi, who was from West AF-RA-KA and divinatory of the Ifa Oracle system. TeHUti/Thoth/Hermes means ‘Wisdom' or "Light. "THE 42 BOOKS OF INSTRUCTIONS" or "THE 42 BOOKS OF TEHUTI" describes the instructions for achieving immortality, plus 2 more books (2 Etheric [Astral] counterparts) kept separately, mirroring the 42+2+(2) =46 (4+6 = 10, as in the "Tree of Life" or the "10 Spheres of Light" chromosomes and the sacred geometry embedded in the Great PyRAmid (is the PhysicAL Body). There are 64 (6+4 = 10, as in the "Tree of Life" or the "10 Spheres of Light") CODONS coding for 22 Amino Acid Proteins thus, leaving 42 uncoding, which scientist refers to as "Junk DNA." More than 90% of all DNA is called "Junk DNA, hu(e)man cells that does NOT code for proteins and appears to consist of meaningless sequences or either lost their coding ability. Therefore, in the past Molecular biologists have been unable to ascribe any function to it. They assume that it is just "molecular garbage" or "evolution's left over material." There is NO junk! However, geneticists' whole attitude stems from a state of mind that is totally, linear, mechanical and empirical. This state of mind is NOT (w)holistic, therefore, it ignores the subatomic, electro-magnetic and subtle energy interactions involved. In a recent study, Scientist has shown that eukaryotic non-coding DNA (also called "Secondary DNA") is functional as a structural element in the nucleus. Scientist examined the genomes of the single-celled photo-synthetic organisms know as Cryto-monads. These organisms exist as vastly different cell sizes, with the nucleus being proportional in size to that of the cell.  In addition, the nucleo-morph, a small piece of DNA contained within the plastid that codes for itself and photo-synthetic function, was not changed in size, despite chages in cell size and nuclear content. Thus, refuting the hypotheses of "Junk DNA."


         The number 22 has been esoterically, decoded as the 22 Amino Acid Proteins, which are the "Building Blocks" of Life. Thus, the ancient KaMA'atu (Egyptian) 21 + 1 ( actually, 2 are the same, therefore, its 20 + 2, as in the 2 stop codons) the Pylons of the House of Asaru served as the bases for the 22 Heb-rew (Het Heru) alphabet, the 22 Tunnels or Paths on the "Tree Of Life" which derives the 22 Major (Trump) Arcana Cards of the (Egyptian) Tarot Deck. The script is similar to the 20 + (2 stop codons) Mayan lettering.   


COMPARISON SUMMARY OF THE CHEMISTRY (AL-CHEM-Y, means "The working of Kam Wer-Melanin, Black Magic or Black Man's Magic) OF LIFE AND THE DIVINATION SYSTEMS



   Discovered 1953, Watson/Crick                         Created 1100 BCE? King Wen


   A POLAR helix of PYRIMIDINE &                 A POLAR complex of YIN & YANG

   PURINE chemicals written in                            symbols written in language of

   language of 4 NUCLEIC ACIDS                       4 EMBLEMATIC SYMBOLS taken 3 at

  taken 3 at a time for 64 CODONS                      a time for 64 HEXAGRAMS aka KUA


  Complementary base pairs bond                        Kua constructed using the

   with 2 or 3 hydrogen atoms                                numbers 2 (yin) and 3 (yang)


   Combined, the codons provide                          Combined, the kua provide

   INSTRUCTIONS (GENES) for the                  INSTRUCTIONS (MEMES) for the

   functioning of a living being                               behavior of a citizen and, by

    and, by extension, the                                         extension, the effective

   functioning of the biosphere                              functioning of a society




 Process of gene expression:                                     Process of I Ching divination:

   DNA->pre-mRNA->mRNA->Proteins                3 kua->2 kua->1 kua->result kua

       /         \                            /        \

     junk DNA; introns   (out)          ground kua1; ground kua2   (out)


   tRNA as link between NUCLEIC                         TRUMPS as link between KUA &

   ACID & AMINO ACID "ALPHABETS"           HEBREW LETTERS (symbol alphabets)


   DNA->mRNA via Transcription                         BOOK OF THOTH (Tarot) A. Crowley

        Codons <--> tRNAs                                          Kua meanings <--> Trump meanings


   mRNA->Proteins via Translation       BOOK OF CREATION "SEFER YETZIRAH"

   tRNAs -> assigned Amino Acids                         Trumps -> assigned Hebrew Letters


22 GROUPS cover all 64 CODONS                  22 Tarot TRUMPS & LETTERS, with

   (19 Amino Acid groupings plus                       their meanings, to be compared

     1 start codon +2 stop groups)                         with 64 KUA in 22 GROUPS

            in 3 CLASSES:                                            in 3 CLASSES:

           CODON CLASSES                                    TRUMP   CLASSES   LETTER

    3 Punctuation codon groups                              3 Elements        3 Mothers

    7 Non-polar/Hydrophobic Acids                       7 Planets         7 Doubles

   12 Polar/Hydrophilic Acids                               12 Zodiac Signs   12 Simples


   Productive of ?? Proteins                                  Productive of ?? Thoughts

   giving rise to an approximate                           giving rise to an approximate

   infinite no. of life species.                                  infinite number of texts.


    64 CODONS coding for 22                               64 KUA coding for 22

    CHEMICALS in 3 CLASSES.                        LETTERS in 3 CLASSES.

    Codons composed of 4 NUCLEIC                   Kua composed of 4 BASIC IMAGES

    ACIDS of 2 TYPES: (taken 3 at                      of 2 TYPES:(taken 3 at a time)

                       a time)

    PURINES - Adenine                                         YANG - Old Yang   9-o----

                and                                                       -----


              Guanine                                                    Young Yang 7-----  -----

                                                                              -- --


    PYRIMIDINES - Thymine in DNA                  YIN  - Old Yin    6--x--  -- --

                  Uracil in RNA                                     -- --


                  Cytosine                                               Young Yin  8-- --  -- --


   Adenosine-triphosphate (ATP)                         Old Yang

   MAIN energy supplier for                                 The MAIN image of energy in

   cellular metabolism.                                            I Ching symbolism

   structure of Adenine: pentagon                         has numerical value of 9

   & hexagon = 9 external points


   Guanine-triphosphate  (GTP)                            Young Yang

   LESSER energy supplier and                             The LESSER image of energy

   Guanine has similar chemical                             in I Ching system

   structure to Adenine.                                           numerical value = 7


    By chemical complementation:                         By symbolic complementation:


    Thymine/Uracil and Cytosine                           Old Yin and Young Yin

    have chemical structure of a                              have

    hexagon for 6 external points                            numerical values of 6 and 8


      3 classes of CODON GROUPS:                      3 classes of TRUMPS & LETTERS:


      3 Punctuation groups                                       3 Elemental and Mothers

        ( 4 codons )                                                     ( 4 kua )

      7 Non-polar/Hydrophobic AA                          7 Planetary and Doubles

        ( 24 codons )                                                  ( 24 kua )

     12 Polar/Hydrophilic AA                                  12 Zodiac signs and Simples

        ( 36 codons )                                                   ( 36 kua )


The stage I function of the MOM process selects 1 of 262,144 possible arrangements of 64 kua taken 3 at a time. NUCLEIC ACID STRANDS OF CODONS --> PROTEIN CHAINS OF AMINO ACIDS HEXAGRAMS / KUA ( Chinese symbols )-----> HEBREW LETTERS

The translation stage of gene expression, going from a language of 4 nucleic acid "letters" and 64 ‘words' (codons) to a language of 20 + (2 stop codons) amino acid "letters" and many protein "words" (genes), is mediated by tRNA molecules which contain both alphabets in their structure. The translation stage of occult genetics comes about through the recognition that the trumps of the tarot contain symbols, images, and concepts which are cognate with the content of the kua of the I Ching; thus allowing a transcription between the languages of an Eastern occult symbolic system (I Ching) and a Western occult symbolic system (Tarot). Therefore, we should be able to follow the translation from occult symbols to linguistic symbols of a particular culture, such as, the Hebrew letter script, which have been assigned to each of the 22 Major Arcana Tarot trumps. The Lost-Found Lesson number 1 and 2 and the Student Enrollment contain 64 statements also. Upon a close examination of those lessons, one will reveal that they are identical to the I Ching hexagrams and the 64 Permutations of the Hu(e)man DNA molecule.



There are 22 Major Arcana Cards. The names and Meanings for the cards are below.

1. The Fool: Khepra; this is where we begin our journey, as the fool. The fool portrays the instincts and impulses within us. He also implies risk: the daring leap of faith. When we take this risk we either succeed in achieving the divine or fall flat on our face.

2. The Magician: Tehuti (Thoth), the hidden potential skills and abilities. An abundance of energy or intuition usually accompanies the Magician. Thus the Fool with only his basic instincts comes to see the potential in his future and his journey.

3. The Empress: Mut represents a more "Earthly" phase of life. She could herald the birth of a child or a creative child. Thus, the Fool discovers he is a physical body, the earth as well as a person, the spirit.

4. The Emperor: Ptah-RA; we are challenged to manifest creative ideals such as a business or a project. We are also asked to look at ourselves and see where our ideals are interfering with our own growth. The Fool develops ethics and is forced to use his own resources, to depend on himself.

5. The High Priestess: This is the card of Neb Het, Queen of the Underworld. She is the herald of heightening intuition. The seeker may be drawn to the dark world of occult or esoteric, or may have dreams, or the realization of "something" being at work in one's life.

6. The Hierophant: Tehuti (Thoth), the healer, priest and teacher of young heroes of myth. When this card is seen in a spread, it indicates that the seeker will actually seek answers and learning in philosophy. This could be a search for the meaning of life or other such queries. A teacher, priest or other such person may appear in one's life at this time. Take advantage of the knowledge they bring.

7. The Lovers: Asaru/Aset, these card augers a choice in the matter of the heart. This could be choosing between two or more loves, getting out of a bad marriage or choosing between marriage and career. There must be a choice made.

8. The Chariot: Heru-Set (Horus-Set), This card tells of some type of struggle. Through this struggle; however, the seeker manifests a stronger personality. This may be seen in conflicts with others or with a conflict within ones self, with ones competitive drives and instincts. This must be faced. The Fool now comes to harmony, facing his own contradictions and passes into adulthood.

9. Justice: Ma'at, goddess of wisdom. There is a need for balanced thought and impartial decision-making. But beware of becoming to impartial and chilly. Ma'at truths can be inappropriate, and her cool demeanor destructive of relationships.

10. Temperance: Nut, goddess of the sky. There is a need for flow of feeling in a relationship. Nut is the suggestion of harmony and happiness in love or mirage.

11. Strength: The great warrior Heru (Horus). A collision with the animal within, and one must control ones own anger and pride. Self-discipline is the key to success in this battle.

12. The Hermit: Amen-RA, this is a time of aloneness where one learns patience. The Fool learns his limits.

13. The Wheel of Fortune: The three Goddesses Sekhma'at, Baset, and Tefnut of fate; a change of fortune (good or bad) that brings about a new phase in life.

14. The Hanged Man:  Geb, the need for a sacrifice of either material possession or attitudes. The Fool meets the challenge of the wheel and puts his faith in the unconditional, hoping for a better life.

15. Death: Anpu (Anubis), this card indicates the death of some line of thought. It does Not Herald the death of the seeker. Through this death of thought, new thought is born and the seeker becomes a better person. The Fool prepares for an unknown future.

16. The Devil: Set/Sut Tekh, a confrontation with the shallow, base side of the seekers nature is necessary. The Fool, by facing this side and dealing with the self disgust it brings, is able to move forward and harvest his creativity that is held in check by this hatred of self.

17. The Tower: Tekhen-Mir, the destruction seen in the tower heralds the crumbling of the walls in the form of a mask or fake persona around the seeker. A willing effort to crumble the walls by the seeker will minimize the anguish of this process. The walls will come down, one way or another because something within the seeker has reached a boiling point and can no longer be confined in the personal tower.

18. The Star: Sopdet is the experience of hope and faith during difficulty. The Star warns against blind hope, but is the card of faith and hope. The Star is a card of promise for the Fool who has witnessed the collapse of everything of value in his life.

19. The Moon:  Khonsu, the Moon-God; a period of confusion, uncertainty and fluctuation. The sense of being drift on the sea where one can do naught but wait. The Fool is in the grip of the unconscious and can do nothing but wait for rebirth.

20 The Sun:  RA the Sun-God. A time of clarity optimism and trust. Foresight, purpose and faith in man are what this card brings. Thus the fool encounters the masculine principle in life, working through both men and women.

21. Judgment: Heru-Mes, It is time of reward for past efforts. A summing up of where we've been, what we've done and implications for the future. The rewards received are consistent with our accomplishments or lack of it. If one spend life in self-betrayal and denial, one's reward will not be kind. The Fool looks back on the mistakes and accomplishments of the past and sees in them the possibilities of the future.

22. The World: Tauret, a time of achievement and integration. This is the time to enjoy the fruits of life, yet, again becomes the fetus, which becomes the birth of the Fool. And the journey begins again...

As you can see, the journey through the Major Arcana is a Cycle that never ends. We never stop learning and growing as we travel around the circle of life.

         The 22 Paths on the Tree of Life                  KaMA'atu (Egyptian) Tree Of Life





Sumerian Tree Of Life



         The Mu'urish Hebrews wrote the "HOLY KABALAH", which the "Tree of Life" first (oldest found) appears in the Ancient KaMA'atu Mystery Universities observed 22 major paths, tunnels or channels in which pRAna energy flows through (eventhough, there are 72,000). The KaMA'atu (Egyptian) Tree of Life is at the centre and signifies regeneration the return to the primordial state of perfection. Immortality can be obtained from the tree of life and thus eternal life. A similar tree is mentioned in the "BHAGAVAD GITA," "The banyan tree with its roots above, and its branches below, is imperishable." In the "HOLY KABALAH," the Tree represents the nervous system as well- the 'root' in the cranial nerves, with the branches spreading throughout the body; it also represents the cosmic tree- rooted in heaven, the branches all of manifest cREation. Dr. Ralph Metzner, Ph.D. states in his book OPENING TO INNER LIGHT "... the tree of knowledge ... of truth, corresponds to the cerebrospinal and sensory nervous system; this is clearly a treelike branching structure, the function of which is to give us knowledge of the physical world of matter and how to survive in Nature-that is, what is good to eat and what is not (p. 176)." Each ‘opening' functions both for out-flow and in-take, and the outflow flows counterclockwise and the intake flows clock-wise. Numbers 1 and 18, 2 and 3, 4 and 5, 6 and 7, 8 and 9, 10 and 11, 12 and 13, 14 and 15, 16 and 17, 19, 20, 21 and 22, {1&18, 16, 17,19,20,21,22, form a major, and terribly vital unit which serves as a super-chakra" which serves a function primarily connected with the "enlightenment"}. In the Vedic traditions they are called Nadi(s) - A Sanskrit term meaning channel or conduit, the Nadis (as we are using the term here) are the subtle pathways in the Etheric body along which the life-force or pRAna flows. The Nadis distribute the prana to the various parts of the body, operating the senses, giving conscious control of the body, and supply the etheric energy or vitality that sustains the body and its functions. There are three major Nadis that run along the spine from the Root ChakRA and terminating in the head, called the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna in Sanskrit.


The 20 + 2 Stop Codons or the 22 PROTEGENIC AMINO ACIDS are:

1... ALANINE (Non-Essential Amino Acid) - Is an important source of energy for muscle tissue, the brain and central nervous system; strengthens the immune system by producing antibodies; helps in the metabolism of sugars and organic acids.

2... ARGININE (Non-Essential Amino Acid) - Studies have shown that is has improved immune responses to bacteria, viruses & tumor cells; promotes wound healing and regeneration of the liver; causes the release of growth hormones; considered crucial for optimal muscle growth and tissue repair; helps arthritis sufferers by stimulating the growth of new bone and tendon cells. It appears that ingestion of arginine increases human growth hormone (HGH), which in turn accelerates the formation of new bone and tendon.

3... ASPARAGINE (Non-Essential Amino Acid) - On intracellular function Asparagine, Glutamine and Serine are vital for energy and smooth function of brain reactions, contribute to the formation of proteins, muscles, neurotransmitters, antibodies and receptors; important transporters of nitrogen; foundation of carbohydrate metabolism; improve recovery after surgery or trauma by hastening wound...

4... ASPARTIC ACID (Non-Essential Amino Acid) - Aids in the expulsion of harmful ammonia from the body. When ammonia enters the circulatory system it acts as a highly toxic substance, which can be harmful to the central nervous system. Recent studies have shown that Aspartic Acid may increase resistance to fatigue and increase endurance.

5... CYSTEINE (Non-Essential) "In addition to protection the cells from the harmful effects of radiation, [L-Cysteine] protects the live and brain from damage due to alcohol and cigarette smoke." (PFNH pg. 28)

6... CYSTINE (Non-Essential Amino Acid) Functions as an antioxidant and is a powerful aid to the body in protecting against radiation and pollution. It can help slow down the aging process, deactivate free radicals, neutralize toxins; aids in protein synthesis and presents cellular change. It is necessary for the formation of the skin, which aids in the recovery from burns and surgical operations. Hair and skin are made up 10-14% Cystine.

7... GLUTAMINE (Non-Essential Amino Acid) - The brain requires a constant supply of energy to think and be alert, Glutamine provides the fuel the brain cells need to think clearly and help combat fatigue... In a paper entitled "Fourteen Doctors Confirm L-Glutamine Improves I.Q.;" Dr. Righard Passwater explains that the brain actually needs two types of "fuel". Until recently, doctors knew of only one type, glucose; but recent studies have proven that another compound exists and nourishes the brain. That compound is L-glutamine."

8... GLUTAMIC ACID (Non-Essential Amino Acid) - Considered to be nature's "Brain food" by improving mental capacities; helps speed the healing of ulcers; support your digestive track; gives a "lift" from fatigue; helps control alcoholism, schizophrenia and the craving for sugar.

9... GLYCINE (Non-Essential Amino Acid) - Helps trigger the release of oxygen to the energy requiring cell-making process; Important in the manufacturing of hormones responsible for a strong immune system.

10... HISTIDINE (Non-Essential Amino Acid) - Is found abundantly in hemoglobin; has been used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, allergic diseases, ulcers & anemia. A deficiency can cause poor hearing.

11... HYDROXYPROLINE (Non-Essential Amino Acid) - Plays a major role in manufacture of collagen, connective tissue, skin, ligaments, tendons, bones, cartilage and is necessary in Vitamin D assimilation. Vitamin D is essential in proper calcium absorption. Hydoxyproline has been brought to public attention by "Calorad" advertising "weight loss while you sleep" from an increase in lean muscle tissues and a decrease in adipose tissue (fat). Their " simple and unique delivery system provides a fuel at the body's prime time for healing and repair, the first ninety minutes of sleep." ...

12... ISOLEUCINE (Essential Amino Acid) stimulates the brain to produce alertness. In the article the Lansing State Journal, June 11, 1997... "Why Do Mosquitoes Bite People?"

...Actually, only the female mosquitoes bite people. They are searching for isoleucine. Isoleucine is one of the basic building blocks of life called an amino acid.

13... LEUCINE (Essential Amino Acid) - Leucine stimulates protein synthesis and it's importance in protein storage. Both Isoleucine and Leucine provide ingredients for the manufacturing of other essential biochemical components in the body, some of which are utilized for the production of energy, stimulants to the upper brain and helping you to be more alert. - - Supplement suggestions from Nature's Sunshine: l-Leucine* promotes the healing of bones, skin and muscles. It must be used in combination with I-Valine and I-Isoleucine.

14... LYSINE (Essential Amino Acid) - Lysine is found in the muscle tissue. Soybeans are high in lysine, but rare in other vegetables. Lysine insures the adequate absorption of calcium; helps form collagen ( which makes up bone cartilage & connective tissues); aids in the production of antibodies, hormones & enzymes. A deficiency may result in tiredness, inability to concentrate, irritability, bloodshot eyes, retarded growth, hair loss, anemia & reproductive problems.

Recent studies show Lysine to be effective against herpes by improving the balance of nutrients that reduce viral growth. Researchers hypothesized that the amino acid arginine promotes herpes and lysine inhibits it. Herpes sufferers are often advised to: Avoid arginine rich foods such as chocolate, peanuts, cashews, barley, peas, soft drinks and beer. Consume lysine-rich foods such as dairy products, potatoes and brewers yeast; plus take lysine supplements (1 gram daily during active outbreak).

15... METHIONINE (Essential Amino Acid) - Methionine performs the major roles of being a methyl donor, sulfur donor, and helps lower cholesterol. Methionine is a natural chelating agent for heavy metals; is a principle supplier of sulfur which prevents disorders of the hair, skin and nails; influences hair follicles and promotes hair growth; increases the liver's production of lecithin thus helps reduce cholesterol and liver fat; regulates the formation of ammonia and creates ammonia-free urine which reduces bladder irritation and promotes kidney health.

16... PHENYLALAINE (Essential Amino Acid) - Phenylanine which is highly concentrated in protein foods is understood to perform as a pain reliever. Phenylanine is used by the brain to produce Norepinephrine, a chemical that transmits signals between nerve cells and the brain; keeps maintain alertness; reduces hunger; acts as an antidepressant and helps improve memory. - DL-Phenylalanine (DLPA), is a natural amino acid found in many foods. It's a powerful, nonaddictive analgesic. Dr. Earl L. Mindell, author of the Vitamin Bible reports: "DLPA is as or more effective in reliving pain as morphine or other opiates. 17... PROLINE (Non-Essential Amino Acid) - Essential for proper functioning of joints and tendons; helps maintain and strengthen heart muscles.

18... SERINE (Non-Essential Amino Acid) - A storage source of glucose by the liver and muscles; helps strengthen the immune system by providing antibodies; synthesizes fatty acid sheath around nerve fibers.

19... THREONINE (Essential Amino Acid) - Threonine is the least abundant amino acid, but essential in preventing fat build-up in the liver and assisting digestive and intestinal tracts function more smoothly; assists metabolism and assimilation. Threonine is an important constituent of collagen, Elastin, and enamel protein.

20... TRYPTOPHAN (Essential Amino Acid) - Tryptophan is a natural relaxant, helps alleviate insomnia by inducing normal sleep; reduces anxiety & depression; helps in the treatment of migraine headaches; helps the immune system controling certain intractable pain; helps reduce the risk of artery & heart spasms; works with Lysine in reducing cholesterol levels.

21... TYROSINE (Non-Essential Amino Acid) - Transmits nerve impulses to the brain; helps overcome depression; Improves memory; increases mental alertness; promotes the healthy functioning of the thyroid, adrenal and pituitary glands.... Tyrosine is synthesized in the body from phenylalanine. Like phenylalanine, tyrosine is intimately involved with the important brain neurotransmitters epinephine, norepinephrine, and dopamine. Animals subjected to stress in the laboratory have been found to have reduced levels of norepinephrine. Treating with tyrosine prior to stressing the animals prevents reduction of this neurotransmitter. Findings such as these led to human tyrosine experiments in which soldiers undergoing various forms of stress were given tyrosine to see what effect it might have on their performance. In one of these experiments, conditions were created that simulated a rapid ascent to 15,500 feet. This dramatically stresses the mind and body and significantly diminishes the oxygen supply to the brain.

22... VALINE (Essential Amino Acid) - Valine promotes mental vigor, muscle coordination and calms emotions.


The 20 Mayan Characters


1. IMIX - Source of Life, PrimordiAL Mother

2. IK - Spirit, B-REath, Wind, Co-C-REator of RE-ALity, Unseen Forces

3. AKBAL - Abyss, "Journey Within," Dream field Matrix

4. KAN - Seed-ing manifestation, C-REation, Opening

5. CHICCHAN - Vitality, Serpent Power, Kundalini

6. CIMI - Transmutation, Death, REvELation

7. MANIK - Gateway, Divination, SpirituAL tool, Priest/Priestess

8. LAMAT - Starseed, Octave, Expanded Love

9. MULUC - Godseed, Cosmic Communication, Understanding, Awareness

10. OC - New Beginnings, EmotionAL-Body , SpirituAL Strength, Guardians and Guides

11. CHUEN - Trickster, Inner Child

12. EB - Quickening, Open Vessel

13. BEN - Space Traveler, Sky Walker, AngELic MESsenger, Pillars of Heaven, Mysterious Journey

14. IX - Align with the Divine Will (Heart Knowing), Magician, Shaman, Jaguar, Priest, Torch Bearer

15. MEN - Planetary Mind, Know-Ledge of SELf, Global Consciousness

16. CIB - Inner Voice, Galactic Conduit, Mystic Transmission, Divine Communication, Cosmic Consciousness, Golden Pillar

17. CABAN - Centeredness, Earth Force, Galactic Alignment,

18. ETZNAR - Timelessness, Hall of Mirrors, SpirituAL Warriorship, Sword of Truth

19. CAUAC - Transformation, Light Body, Activation for Ascension, Thunder BEing, Initiation by FiRE

20. AHAU - Christ Consciousness, Sol-AR MAStery, Limitless Bliss, Crown, Unconditional Love, Union






Nun, was in silence and it is from Nun (phonetically sounds like None or Nun, a  womb-man in the Catholic Church that wears ‘Black'. In Hebrew and Arabic she is represented by the letter Ayin, Ayin Soph, Ayin Soph Aur or "Triple State of Blackness" or "Triple Stage of Darkness" or the womb-man's "Three Tri-mester Pregnancy," or N-ine and N-ine has the sound Ayin embedded in it) form which all thing were brought into existence. It is time to emerge from the ZERO PYLON

The following shall be said when one cometh to the FIRST PYLON. The Asaru (Osiris,; Os means Open and Iris means Eye, thus, Open Eye, also called the ALL-Seeing Eye, the First [Third] Eye which, is the Pineal Gland) the scribe Ani, whose word is truth, saith: "Lady of tremblings, high-walled, the Sovereign Lady, the Lady of Destruction, who uttereth the words which drive back the destroyers, who delivereth from destruction him that cometh." The name of her Doorkeeper is Neruit.

The following shall be said when one cometh to the SECOND PYLON. The Asaru (Osiris) the scribe Ani, whose word is truth, saith: "Lady of Heaven, Mistress of the Two Lands (Higher and Lower Selves), Devourer by Fire (Kundalini), Lady of Mortals, who art infinitely greater than any human being." The name of her Doorkeeper is Mes-Ptah.

The following shall be said when one cometh to the THIRD PYLON. The Asaru (Osiris) the scribe Ani, whose word is truth, saith: "Lady of the Altar (Physical Body), the Mighty Lady to whom offerings are made (Meditation, Affirmations [Positive Thoughts]), greatly beloved one of every Neter (God) sailing up the river to Abydos." The name of her Doorkeeper is Sebqa.

The following shall be said when one cometh to the FOURTH PYLON. The Asaru (Osiris) the scribe Ani, whose word is truth, saith: "Prevailer with knives, Mistress of the Two Lands (Higher and Lower Selves), Destroyer of the Enemies of the Still-Heart (Asaru [Osiris]-Pineal Gland), who decreeth the release of those who suffer through evil hap." The name of her Doorkeeper is  Nekau.

The following shall be said when one cometh to the FIFTH PYLON. The Asaru (Osiris) the scribe Ani, whose word is truth, saith: "Flame, Lady of Fire (Kundalini), absorbing the entreaties which are made to her, who permitteth not to approach her the rebel." The name of her Doorkeeper is Henti-Reqiu.

The following shall be said when one cometh to the SIXTH PYLON. The Asaru (Osiris) the scribe Ani, whose word is truth, saith: "Lady of Light (Kundalini), who roareth mightily, whose breadth cannot be comprehended. Her like hath not been found since the beginning. There are Serpents (Kundalini Shakti, Ida, Pingala; Sekma'at, Neb Het and Aset) over which are unknown. They (Sekma'at, Neb Het and Aset) were brought forth before the Still-Heart (Asaru, the Soul in the Pineal Gland of the Brain)." The name of her Doorkeeper is Semati.

The following shall be said when one cometh to the SEVENTH PYLON. The Asaru (Osiris) the scribe Ani, whose word is truth, saith: "Garment (Skin-Flesh) which envelopeth the Helpless One (Soul), which weepeth for and loveth that which it covereth." The name of her Doorkeeper is Saktif.

The following shall be said when one cometh to the EIGHTH PYLON. The Asaru (Osiris) the scribe Ani, whose word is truth, saith: "Blazing Fire (Kundalini), Unquenchable, with far-reaching Tongues of Flame, Irresistible Slaughterer, which one may not pass through fear of its deadly attack." The name of her Doorkeeper is Khuthetef.

The following shall be said when one cometh to the NINTH PYLON. The Asaru (Osiris) the scribe Ani, whose word is truth, saith: "Chieftainess (Kundalini), Lady of Strength, who giveth quiet of heart to the offspring of her Lord (Soul). Her girth is three hundred and fifty khet, and she is clothed with green feldspar of the South. She (Kundalini, in its half-asleep state)  bindeth up the Divine Form (Soul) and clotheth the Helpless One (Soul). Devourer, Lady of All Men." The name of her Doorkeeper is Arisuthesef.

The following shall be said when one cometh to the TENTH PYLON. The Asaru (Osiris) the scribe Ani, whose word is truth, saith: "Goddess (Kundalini) of the loud voice, who maketh her suppliants to mourn, the awful one who terrifieth, who herself remaineth unterrified within." The name of her Doorkeeper is Sekhenur.

Nu, the steward of the keeper of the seal, saith when he cometh to the ELEVENTH PYLON of Osiris: "I have made my way, I know you, and I know thy name, and I know the name of her who is within thee: She who slayeth always, consumer of the fiends by fire, mistress of every pylon, the lady who is acclaimed on the day of darkness" is thy name. She inspecteth the swathing of the helpless one.

The Asaru (Osiris) Nu, the steward of the keeper of the seal, saith when he cometh to the TWELFTH PYLON of Asaru (Osiris): "I have made my way, I know you, and I know thy name, and I know the name of her who is within thee: Invoker of thy Two Lands (Higher and Lower Selves), Destroyer of those who come to thee by Fire (Desires, Low E-Motions), Lady of Spirits, Obeyer of the Word of thy Ruler" is thy name. She inspecteth the swathing of the Helpless One (Trapped Ba - Soul in the Physical Body).

The Asaru (Osiris) Nu, the steward of the keeper of the seal, saith when he cometh to the THIRTEENTH PYLON of Asaru (Osiris): "I have made my way, I know you and I know thy name, and I know the name of her who is within thee: Asaru (Osiris) foldeth his arms about her, and maketh Hapi (the Nile-god), to emit splendour out of his hidden places" is thy name. He inspecteth the swathing of the Helpless One (Trapped Ba - Soul in the Physical Body).

The Asaru (Osiris) Nu, the steward of the keeper of the seal, saith when he cometh to the FOURTEENTH PYLON of Asaru (Osiris): "I have made my way, I know thee, and I know thy name, and I know the name of her who is within thee (Sekhma'at, Kundalini Shakti, Shekinah). Lady of Might, who trampleth on the Red Demons, who keepeth the festival of Haaker on the day of the hearing of faults" is thy name. She inspecteth the swathing of the Helpless One (Trapped Ba - Soul in the Physical Body).

THE FIFTEENTH PYLON. The Asaru (Osiris) Heru-em-khebit, whose word is truth, shall say when he cometh to this pylon: "Fiend, red of hair and eyes (Sekhma'at, Kundalini Shakti, Shekinah), who appeareth by night, and doth fetter the fiend in his lair. Let her hands be given to the Still-Heart (Pineal Gland) in his hour, let her advance and go forward" is thy name. She inspecteth the swathing of the Helpless One (Trapped Ba - Soul in the Physical Body).

THE SIXTEENTH PYLON. The Asaru (Osiris) Heru-em-khebit, whose word is truth, shall say when he cometh to this pylon: "Terrible One (Sekhma'at, Kundalini Shakti, Shekinah), Lady of the Rain-Storm, Destroyer of the Lower Spirits of Men, Devourer of the Bodies of Men, Orderer, Producer, and Maker of Slaughter" is thy name. She inspecteth the swathing of the Helpless One (Soul).

THE SEVENTEENTH PYLON. The Asaru (Osiris) Heru-em-khebit, whose word is truth, shall say when he cometh to this pylon: "Hewer-in-pieces in blood (Sekhma'at; Prana Energy and the Kundalini Shakti is the color Red like Blood), Ahibit, Lady of Hair (Etheric Webs)" is thy name. She inspecteth the swathing of the Helpless One (Trapped Ba - Soul in the Physical Body) .

THE EIGHTEENTH PYLON. The Asaru (Osiris) Heru-em-khebit, whose word is truth, shall say when he cometh to this pylon: "Fire-Lover (Sekhma'at, Kundalini Shakti, Shekinah), Pure One, Lover of Slaughterings (Lower nature's attributes, hate, jealous, envy, greed, lust, laziness etc), Cutter off of Heads, Devoted One, Lady of the Great House, Slaughterer of Fiends at Eventide" is thy name. She inspecteth the swathing of the Helpless One (Trapped Ba - Soul in the Physical Body).

THE NINETEENTH PYLON. The Asaru (Osiris) Heru-em-khebit, whose word is truth, shall say when he cometh to this pylon: "Light-Giver for Life (Sekhma'at, Kundalini Shakti, Shekinah), Blazing All the Day, Lady of Strength [and of] the writings of the Neter (Nature-God) Tehuti (Thoth) himself" is thy name. She inspecteth the swathings of the White House (Higher Self).

THE TWENTIETH PYLON. The Asaru (Osiris) Heru-em-khebit, whose word is truth, shall say when he cometh to this pylon: "Dweller in the Cavern (Third Ventricle) of Her Ruler (Asaru [Heru], Brahma, Shiva, Jesus = Ba - Soul), Her name is Clother, Hider of Her Creations, Conqueror of Hearts, Swallower [of them] is thy name (Medulla Oblongata)." She inspecteth the swathings of the White House (Higher Self).

THE TWENTY-FIRST PYLON. The Asaru (Osiris) Heru-em-khebit, whose word is truth, shall say when he cometh to this pylon: "Knife which Cutteth when [its Name] is Uttered, Slayer of  Unready who Approach thy Flame (Kundalini)" is thy name. She possesseth Hidden Plans (DNA, Conscious states).

The 22 amino acids are termed Proteogenic Amino Acids, because some 50,000 proteins, and over 15,000 known enzymes, in the human body are produced from various combinations of some or all of these 22 amino acids. Amino acid side chains can be divided into several different classes based on their physico-chemical properties and by their content/structure of Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, which is Y.H.W.H or Yod, Heh, Waw, Heh.   



Esoteric tradion regards the area of the Pineal Gland as the First (Third) Eye, Seat of the Soul, and the mystical Uraeus represented by the Cobra Serpent on the forehead of  Kama'atu (Egyptian) royalty/crowns (Serpent in the Sky).

"The Order of the Silver Star is thus the Order of the Eye of Set -(Heru), "the Sun behind the Sun."... "The Silver Star is Sirius."

Each piece of the udjat can be seen as representing a fraction of the descending geometric series 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, etc., put together they make 63/64 or approximately 1.

The entire eye measured 1 heqat. And each of the parts of the eye measured fractions of the heqat.










These are the parts of the EYE and their corresponding associated fraction values :




The corresponding sense data are :-
1/64 heqat Touch
1/32 heqat Taste
1/16 heqat Hearing
1/8 heqat Thought
1/4 heqat Sight
1/2 heqat Smell


The (two seen) Eyes are called the window to the Soul. However, the First Eye, misnomered the Third Eye, is the Eye of the Soul (Pineal Gland), in Kama'at (Egypt) it was named the Eye of Hem or Heru; in the Vedic tradition, the Eye of Shiva; in ancient Babylon (Gateway or Doorway to God or Star Gate), the Eye of Nimrod (Num RA); in China, the Eye of Buddha and in the esoteric occult sciences, the Eye of Lucifer. This Eye is the "Messenger Of Light," of the ONE external and internal Sun (RA). The Eye produces inner vision,   conversation with the immortals (ancestors), spiritual consciousness and other God-like abilities ("MELANIN; A Key To Freedom" by Dr. Richard King) .


ON, Hem has attached his Eye to your forehead for you in its name of "Great of Magic ("THE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN PYRAMID TEXTS" by R.O. Faulkner)."


"HOLY BIBLE OLD TESTAMENT" Genesis 32:30, states, "And Jacob (Jacob means, ‘Supplanter' or the Lower Nature) called the name of the place Peniel (Pineal Gland): for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved."


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